Help For Those Working From Home

Home Office Furniture 2

Working from home requires furniture that not only meets ergonomic standards for your health, but offers comfort and support to ensure you feel less fatigued, think clearly and are more productive.

AngelShack have a selection of WFH products to suit whatever your space saving requirements may be, as well as a range of finishes to suit your home. Also, the Angels are available to assist you with selecting the right products and arranging swift deliveries.

Choose from innovative desk systems, seating, office tables, storage, accessories and more.



7Up is an all-in-one workstation which inspires your day at work, while others will be inspired by 7Up’s good looks. Elegant and understated, 7Up enables you to build a workstation that works for your style as well as the task you are needing to perform.

The sustainability of the aluminium structure is great for the environment. The recessed centre leg on the bench application is both space efficient and a conduit for vertical cable management.

High capacity cable trays provide for horizontal cable management, with frontal screens that
attach to the substructure of the workstation.

Available with an aluminium or wooden leg and coloured to fit your design criteria. It’s left to your imagination.

GameChanger NOW

GameChanger NOW combines AngelShack’s lowest priced frame with NXT and KIS screens. It’s got your basics covered without being basic.

Each NOW desk is a lightweight 25 x 75cm steel frame with a simple but still stylish privacy screen. Unlike other members of the GameChanger family, the NOW screen does not support the use of accessories.

And that’s it. What you see is what you get: simple, solid, dependable and does what it says on the tin. Great for businesses who need to cut costs to the bone.

Height-adjustable desk

AngelShack’s height-adjustable desk is available in T-Leg or A-Leg frame options. The perfect sit and stand solution. This desk provides optimal flexibility and individual adjustment for activity-based work. The stroke allows personalised maximum settings in standing and sitting position.