Business is changing. Life is changing. We mix personal and professional. Speed is everything. And internet is accelerating the pace of change. Yet one part of work remains stuck in the past. Office furniture. It’s expensive. It’s inflexible. It’s dull. So we asked people what they needed to do their jobs better. They said office furniture should look great and be clever. Make work easier, more pleasant and more productive. Without being complex or costing a fortune.

So we decided to change the game. Challenge convention. Create innovative and high quality furniture that works the way we do today. Make it easy to plan and buy. Make it affordable for more companies and organisations.So we asked a leading German designer to develop great-looking office furniture. We put together a world-class team to make it. And built a state-of-the-art factory here, in South Africa. Result: smart, contemporary, award-winning office furniture. Inspiring and practical design that you can afford.

What else would you expect from AngelShack?

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We make cool and simple workstations. And we make them easy to buy.