The Agile Office

The Agile Office

Agile Office Solutions

AngelShack’s range of agile office solutions is designed to provide a variety of flexible workspaces, enabling you to create collaborative spaces that are unique to your needs. With a range of seating, tables, and screens, you are therefore able to create team spaces that support your collaborative workspace.

The Mobile Agile Table

The mobile Agile table can be easily rolled into various configurations. The perfect solution for teaching and teaming. Simply shift it into a position to maximise the workspace. This stylish table is available with castors so you can easily move it around as needed.


Learning today isn’t about sitting in rows listening to the teacher. Today’s students move around, interact with each other, discuss stuff and use technology to maximise their learning. With Charly, educational furniture is finally catching up. Charly enables you to teach the way you want. You know, 21st century-style.

Charly is perfect for multi-modal learning. It has a customisable, swing-over work surface (for laptops) with high mobility which supports continually switching groups and teaching modes. Built-in storage under the seat keeps personal gear near. Is it a chair? A desk? A locker? Yes, and more!

The Mobility Screen

AngelShack’s Mobility screen is exactly that – MOBILE! Perfect for collaborative spaces as a flexible teaming and teaching solution. The screen is double-sided, thereby featuring one side as a whiteboard, the other an upholstered pinboard. This provides an acoustic barrier that absorbs ambient sound.

Rocks – Informal Ottoman Seating

These informal multi-shaped Rocks ottoman seating brings casual seating to the office environment. Rocks come in different heights and colours. It will therefore complement a host of brand styles. Create customised collaborative spaces for team meetings and creative innovation.

AngelShack: Global Design And Innovation

AngelShack: Global Design And Innovation

“AngelShack is the South African company that not only made office furniture cool but also placed the country firmly on the global design and innovation map, winning a number of top international awards along the way” – Décor&Design.

When the first company started operations in South Africa, the market had little or no innovation or locally made products. AngelShack was determined to change the game, generate jobs and create a high-quality, sustainable product that could compete universally with the best of them and make the office environment both fun and functional.

So began a collaboration with leading German designer Stefan Brodbeck and a world-class team to manufacture products in a state-of-the-art factory right here in South Africa. The result was smart, contemporary office furniture and inspiring and practical design that is both affordable and practical.

Awards soon followed – from the Accenture Innovation Index Award to the prestigious Chicago Athenaeum Award for Good Design and the German Design Award.

AngelShack recognises the importance of research and development by investing a substantial amount into its products on an annual basis. Its mission is to make work easier, more pleasant, and more creative without being complex or costing a fortune, thereby creating furniture with high-performance fabrics, antibacterial coatings, and much more. These are products that meet the needs of every office worker.

AngelShack’s aim is to make visiting their showroom an enjoyable occasion, a place where people want to be and where the experience of buying and choosing furniture is a happy one.

The company’s mission is simple – to be the number one choice for thinking people who want to work in a better world. And who doesn’t want that?