Sneeze Screens


AngelShack has developed perspex screens to assist in creating work distancing and safety in the office. Their range includes 5 different screens – and will help workers feel more secure.

With COVID – 19 we need to prevent the spread of any contagious germs within the office and protect workers, giving them a sense of comfort to get back to work. Called the Sneeze Screen, AngelShack has developed a range of 5 different types of screens; all of which can be sanitized regularly.

These five screens include:

  • Frontal screens for those that don’t have screens currently
  • Screens for people who need on the sides of them – separating themselves from co-workers
  • Screens which can be easily attached on to your current screens with no nuts and bolts preventing you from having to buy new screens. These ridged slip over screens simply go over your current screens.
  • Screens for eating areas or canteen areas – free standing on the table
  • Reception screens providing protection for your reception area

Helping you make the most of a difficult situation, AngelShack’s innovative new products are sure to assist in creating a secure working environment.