Make your back happy!

Make your back happy

We are so proud to announce that our POP, FILO and ALLY chairs have been endorsed by The Chiropractic Association of South Africa!

Meet our new POP chair. It will make your back (and your wallet) feel great.
We began by asking ourselves a simple question: How can we make the perfect office chair?
Why is it that comfortable office chairs are so ugly, and beautiful office chairs so uncomfortable (and expensive)? Come on, it’s the 21st Century. So we set out to do better. To make a beautiful looking task-oriented chair that provides total support through a long day at the office. At a fair and affordable price.

Smooth Operator chair that makes a long day feel shorter.
Ally incorporates all the ergonomic features you expect to see in a high-performance task chair. Subtly. Multiway adjustment to ensure a perfect ergonomic fit. Your choice of a mesh or upholstered back. Plus our synchro mechanism ensures that the seat and back move as one.
Ally is a versatile operator tasking chair that’s designed to blend into every office aesthetic. Perfect for people who appreciate performance with subtlety.

Filo is the office chair that wears its credentials on the outside. Contemporary urban design with a tech look and feel. Adjust the seat height, angle, depth, backrest tension and more. Sink into the memory foam padding. Flick the synchro setting that moves seat and back together. And smile. Because you’re set.

Internationally designed, locally produced, proudly South African.
Contact us for the perfect ergonomic WFH or office chair!