The Office Hygiene Evolution – What are Antibacterial Work Desks?

Contracting a sudden illness is a threat we’ve always had to deal with. As a modern, health-conscious society though, we’ve developed certain methods that effectively battle most modern illnesses – and it often merely takes one or two small preventative measures, here or there.

The dawn of 2020, though, and the delivery of its unwelcome payload that has been the pandemic, increased our hygiene endeavours quite significantly. We’re now hyper-aware – every room, object, and surface could now possibly be a potential bacterial hub.

This hyper-awareness, though, need not be construed as negative – nor be called a feature of the ‘new normal’ that’s now adding a facet of fear or paranoia to every instance in which we find ourselves in public situations.

Rather, it should be seen as a hygiene evolution. An opportunity to make cleanliness and illness prevention more of a habit, and ingrain it more into every interaction.

And as most of the harder lockdown restrictions now continue to ease, and we all start moving back into a routine, there is no better place to implement this progression than at the office – it being the very place, once more, where we’ll be spending most of our days, and collaborating the most.

Office Hygiene – Protect your Workspace

By now, we’re all satisfactorily versed on the importance of social distancing, the wearing of masks, the intricacies of handwashing, and the application of sanitisers, whenever possible. As we start getting back to the office more, the notion of surface cleanliness must now be added to that hygiene routine.

Exposure to constant contact, our workstations or desks are the first points of concern. 

How Many Germs are on a Work Desk?

Surfaces like desks and workstations are understandably high-risk areas – open spots where microbial menaces are wont to proliferate. A recent study revealed the average desk surface as having approximately 20 961 germs per 6.5cm2 – more than 400 times the bacteria that may be found on the average office toilet seat.

Although this may be a sobering statistic, the good news is that as we embrace the office hygiene evolution, our office workstation cleanliness is perhaps the easiest to implement and control.

Introducing – antimicrobial tables

Although we all may be highly aware of surfaces and doing our utmost best to keep our workstations clean, there hasn’t been, until now, a reasonable and entirely preventative way to keep everything sterilised.

AngelShack has developed a highly effective solution – antimicrobial tables.

The antimicrobial table is, in essence, a desktop with an antibacterial coating infused. From work surfaces, computer workstations, boardroom components, writing tables, office cube system components, to cabinetry door and drawer fronts – all can now be customised to ensure effective office surface sterilisation.

How do Anti-bacterial Desks Work?

The science is ground-breaking in its simplicity: nano flash technology, when applied to a given surface, ruptures microbes with antimicrobial chemicals. That antibacterial shield transmits positive nano charges to the malignant germs, preventing them from spawning. The tech gives a continuous protective sheen to the surface of the office object, inhibiting the adaptation or reproduction of resistant organisms. What’s more, the solution and the technology is entirely ‘green’ – safe for the environment, our own skin, and lungs.

In the time of COVID-19, antimicrobial tables are the next feature of that hygiene evolution – with application that could span to hospitals, frail care centres, and clinics. For our purposes here, though, it’s a practical, affordable, and effective technology that will add that next level of safety to businesses everywhere.

The pandemic has made us much more vigilant in the ways that we consider microbial transference. This ‘new normal’ can only be embraced, as health and safety protocols for offices now shift and progress. As the antimicrobial table shows, the next stage is upon us. At AngelShack, we’ll strive to be at the forefront, giving you and your business revolutionary protective measures in office equipment and furniture, for the wellbeing of your staff, and your peace of mind.

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