Office Training Table

Whether you host regular sessions or need to set up a temporary area for occasional staff up-skilling and teaching, a training table for sale from AngelShack can provide the work surface you need to get the job done.

Who Uses Training Tables?

Training tables are used in offices, conference centers, schools, and any business where upskilling staff members is a regular occurrence. Businesses that provide services will use these tables in dedicated rooms. They can also be used in conference facilities or meeting rooms.

What to Look for in an Office Training Table?

If your business does not have a dedicated training room, one of the key features you should look for would be how easy it is to move and store. A business will often place a foldable or easily-movable training table in a storage room and bring it out when needed.

Ensure the table isn’t too big. A smaller unit is easier to store and move and it will be easier to fit through doors. Smaller tables can also be easily placed in various different configurations. Tables should also be quite light – or potentially on castors so they can be moved around easily.

The surface should also be easy to clean. Look for a solid surface that’s easy to wipe down. If a table is kept in storage for extended periods of time it will collect dust and may get scuffed. Ensure the surface doesn’t show marks easily.

AngelShack offers two modern training table options: a Clip Off Leg Table and a Flip Top Table.

A Clip Off Leg Table that has a quick-release mechanism on its legs, so that the table can be easily stored and transported. AngelShack has also created a Flip Top Table which features a desktop that folds upwards so the table can be easily stored.

The Flip Top Table is on handy castors so it can be wheeled where it is needed. Both these mobile training tables feature a hardy surface that won’t show minor wear and tear. AngelShack offers a warranty of up to 8 years on their products.

AngelShack also offers a wide range of other tables including meeting room and boardroom tables which will also be suitable for upskilling sessions. If you have a permanent set up at your business premises, our boardroom room tables may be just what you’re looking for.

What Essentials Should be Included in a Training Set-up?

If you’re purchasing office furniture and equipment, start with office tables and comfortable office seating. Chairs should be functional, without too many bells and whistles. A chair on castors is useful.

The office tables should be large enough to accommodate a small group of people, but not too large that they cannot be easily moved. Ideally, you want to be able to use your tables in a number of configurations so that the room layout can easily be changed to suit the material. You may want to place tables in a U-shaped layout or in a lecture room style configuration, or you may want to keep tables separate so small groups can work independently.

Depending on what you are doing, you may need various audiovisual equipment or low-tech alternatives like flip boards and whiteboards. Be sure to consider the comfort of your trainees by looking for space that includes air-conditioning to keep the temperature consistent.

Where Can I Buy Training Tables in South Africa?

If you’re looking for training tables for sale, AngelShack offers both a Clip Off Leg Table and Flip Top Table, both of which have been specially designed with training in mind. AngelShack also stocks a wide range of other table options including tables for board rooms, meeting rooms, break rooms, and cafeterias. If you’re looking for a training room solution, visit our showroom or give us a call so we can find the perfect solution for your needs.