Office Side Tables

Small tables and side tables are useful additions to any office space. Whether you need a side table for an office reception area, a break room, or an executive suite, AngelShack offers a number of office table solutions.

What are Office Side Tables?

An office side table (also referred to as an occasional table) is a smaller table that is placed next to an office seat to provide a surface to rest things on. They can be used in office reception areas, where waiting guests can place their beverages or laptop while waiting for a meeting. Waiting rooms also utilise them to hold magazines and other reading materials.

An end table can be used in a break room or meeting room. And if you have a couch set up in your office, they are a great addition to the space. These small tables can be added in executive offices and formal lounge areas for decorative purposes – they are perfect for holding lamps, plants, and vases.

In a flexible working space or a serviced office, side tables can be placed next to chairs so that workers can find a comfortable spot to get some work done. Occasional tables that are built to hold laptops are a useful alternative to desks and meeting tables when used in the right setting. Open-plan offices will often feature breakaway areas with seating, benches, and pods where employees can retreat to when they need privacy. An end office table that can be used for holding a laptop is a good fit for this kind of space.

Our Range of Office Side Tables

We offer a range of side tables for offices. Our options can be customised to your needs.

The Ribbon side table features a clean, modern design with elegant aluminium legs.

The Round side table is a table that incorporates a cement concrete block to support the table, giving it a distinctive, decorative feel. Both these side table options look great in a modern office space.

AngelShack also offers the Laptop side table. This table has a U-shaped design, allowing users to easily draw the table closer to them while working on a laptop. This ingenious design is perfect for employees who spend time working in pods or private working areas in the office.

They can be added to any chair or bench to provide a work surface for your laptop or tablet. The Laptop Table is also a great option for people working in co-working spaces, where they may not have a formal desk to work at, but instead recline in a chair while getting work done.

Where to Find Office Side Tables?

AngelShack offers a range of office side tables, including the Ribbon and Round side table, and the specialised Laptop table. AngelShack also offers a full range of locally manufactured furniture including desks, meeting room tables, boardroom tables, chairs, and accessories. If you’re looking for an end table to complement your existing office design, visit our showroom in Illovo Sandton or call us to find out more about our full range.