What is a Bench Desk?

An office bench desk is a rectangular desk that can be placed next to another bench desk to create a large working area for multiple users. Often a bench desk will employ the same centre frame, with the centre legs supporting a desk on either side.

Using bench desks is one of the best ways to create an open-plan space in your office. Bench desks help to foster communication and collaboration, creating an inclusive office environment.

Why Use a Bench Desk?

Encourage Collaboration

Bench desks are the most popular type of office desks for the workplace. By taking down barriers and creating an open space, you can build office morale and improve communication. In situations where employees need to work together, collaborate on projects and share ideas, a bench desk set-up is ideal. By bringing down physical obstacles between desks, you create a sense of togetherness.


Bench desks are a cost-effective solution for any office, their simple design is economical, and basic bench desks are very affordable.

Space Efficiency

Bench desks are space-efficient. They fit side by side and don’t take up more space than necessary.

Large numbers of employees can also fit comfortably at an office workbench desk. Because of their unrestricted design, the office space won’t feel cramped, even with many people using the open plan area.

Ideal for Call-centres and Co-working Spaces

Call centre operators and employees who work together in teams will benefit from the close working environment created when using office bench desks. Bench desks are often used in co-working spaces and hot-desking set-ups, where a long row of desks can be used by various people throughout the day, with no one-person inhabiting a certain desk for long.

Great for Additional Desk Needs

Because these desks can accommodate a number of employees in a small space, these desks can also be used to hold meetings. They are also very useful for training areas and informal desk spaces in an office.

Flexible and Adaptable

One of the biggest advantages of bench desks is that you can quickly adapt your office space to your changing needs. Adding new desks is quick and simple, and if you have too many, you can just take one away. You have the flexibility to respond to any future needs quickly.

Features to Look for in a Bench Desk?

Optional privacy screens and desk dividers are ideal for employees who need more privacy but still want to work side-by-side with employees. Many desks have add-on accessories that can help create a more private workspace when necessary.

VOC-friendly (Volatile Organic Compounds) materials can help to create a healthy work environment. Office furniture created with inferior materials can release harmful VOCs into the air. Look for a company that uses low-VOC products in its manufacturing process to create furniture that won’t adversely affect your work area.

Cable management is important because multiple desks can easily get overwhelmed with inter-linking cables.

Storage options help to create a space where employees can place personal belongings. Pedestals and credenzas should be available as add-ons. Also, look out for accessories like lockable cellphone safes, lunch box shelves, personal touches that can give employees more ownership over their space.

Look for a stable design. Desks should be level and stable allowing for uninterrupted work.

Most bench style office desks have a modern simplicity and don’t have an overly-complicated design. This can help to create an uncluttered look in an office, even when space is at a premium.

Where to Buy Bench Desks?

AngelShack offers a range of bench desks for sale.

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