Laptop Tables – A Home Office Essential

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us began to work from home. When you’re working from home without a home office, it can be challenging to stay productive and maintain proper posture while you’re typing. We’ll highlight the benefits of a portable laptop table and why they are necessary.

What is a laptop table?

Laptops are convenient and portable, but prolonged use can lead to discomfort and injury. This is why it’s important to have the proper workstation, even when working from home. It prevents awkward postures and backaches.

You don’t need expensive equipment to improve your laptop setup and a laptop table is a must-have for any laptop owner working from home who wants to have optimal ergonomics.

Is a portable laptop table necessary?

We understand that not everyone has space at home for an office, but this is why laptop tables are necessary and a laptop table could be the answer to limited working space.

It provides the perfect alternative to those struggling to find a place to comfortably work and makes all the difference in your productivity levels.

What are the benefits of a laptop table for a couch?

Being at a computer for extended periods adds stress and tension to your neck, shoulders, and back. The laptop table for a couch provides a place to do your work without having your laptop propped up on your knees.

If you spend a significant amount of time sitting and hunched over your laptop, the table will make a difference in your posture. It allows you to work while taking care of your body and health.

Find a laptop table that features neutral colour and a modern design that goes along with any interior. It will not only maximise your comfort and convenience but also accessorise your home.

The AngelShack Laptop Table

The AngelShack laptop table is small enough to carry from room to room (or location to location). It features a sleek metallic silver finish, meaning that it complements different furnishing and any contemporary interior. Its leg design easily slides under couches and chairs.

Our laptop table is proudly made in South Africa from high-quality materials. It combines perfect craftsmanship with an elegant and timeless design. This combination makes it sturdy, modern, and functional.

How tall should a laptop side table be?

The dimensions of a laptop side table may not seem to be an essential component in the design, but a minor design flaw can impact your comfort and workflow. The size of a laptop side table should optimise your working experience and space.

Correctly sized laptop tables are lightweight and portable. The size of the table should suit the size of your laptop. A table that you can move around makes any area in your home a work zone.

Where to buy a laptop table?

Buying a laptop side table has never been easier. If you’re looking for a laptop table, look no further than AngelShack.

You can view our laptop table for sale at any of our showrooms or visit our website where you can request our catalogue and browse our range of office and side tables. We mix modern and professional styles into creative and unique pieces at an affordable price.

We are so confident of our quality that we give you an 8-year warranty from the date of delivery.