How to Pick an Office Side Table

An office side table adds to the efficiency of a workday. That’s because they allow workers to store frequently used office items in areas that are within reach and easy to access. Are you considering adding side tables to your office? This article will help you decide and will cover how to pair it with existing office furniture.

What are office side tables used for?

An office side table provides ease of use for important items. They are used to hold frequently used items during the workday, such as files and folders or even a cup of tea.

You can place devices like laptops, tablets and phones on a side table for taking notes during informal meetings and impromptu brainstorming sessions with your team members. They can also be left on the table when they aren’t in use.

An office desk side table also has aesthetic value. If the office space is looking a little bare, perhaps what’s missing is an office furniture side table which can bring balance to the room.

Do You Need An Office Furniture Side Table?

Office side tables serve two purposes. They have decorative and practical functions and a small side table for an office is fit for both.

AngelShack office side tables are fit for any work environment. They accessorize the space and create a sleek and professional look. They are available in three styles:

  1. Laptop: The Laptop office side table is ideal for holding devices. It supports collaborative areas by giving you a place to put your tablets, notebooks and laptops.
  2. Ribbon: The  Ribbon side table features a modern leg design making it a great addition to any setting. It’s available in two colours: black and white. So it complements existing office furniture, from wooden furnishings to glass.
  3. Round: The Round office table is perfect for unconventional and expressive office spaces. What makes this office side table design unique is the concrete block that supports the round tabletop.

The upward curved tabletop securely holds work accessories, like pens and pencils, preventing them from rolling off.

Do office side tables need to match your office furniture?

The designs you choose don’t have to match your office furniture. Modern office side tables add contemporary and decorative features to the room. Here are three tips to consider when looking for the right size, colour and shape:

  1. First, office side tables can lighten up the office. To add a new table to a room with existing furniture, consider creating a focal point. By doing this, you can mix and match pieces while giving the room a cohesive look.

The neutral colour and shape of the Laptop Side Table make it pairable with both modern or bright coloured furniture.

  1. An office desk side table can add colour to a bland office space. The Round Side Table stands out in assorted colours, including chrome.

Try pairing black leather seats with a chrome side table to elevate your space.

  1. All AngelShack side tables are petite, modern and minimalist. They add elegance to the room without taking up too much space or looking clunky. Their size makes it easy to maximise every centimetre of space in your office.

Furnishing an office space isn’t easy, but these tips make matching office furniture seem less desirable.

Where Can I Find A Small Side Table For Office?

Whether it’s functionality or design (or both) that you’re after, AngelShack has great office side table solutions. We create innovative, great-looking, high-quality office furniture. We make it easy to find the perfect office side table design for your space.

Request a catalogue today and browse our collection of inspiring and practical designs that you can afford.