How To Incorporate Café Tables In An Office Setting?


Are you struggling to transform your office lunch area into a space that captures the imagination of your staff?  Consider the bistro table: a creative way to gather people together in a casual setting that is not as formal as the office desk environment, or perhaps as imposing as a corporate boardroom.

What are bistro tables?

Bistro tables bring to mind a sense of wonder and romance. They’re the low-key place where you write down your great business idea on a napkin. They’re the café tables where you have that unforgettable conversation over a good cup of coffee.

Bistros and their iconic tables originated out of the basement kitchens of Parisian apartments. And while we can’t all get to wine and dine on the banks of the Seine, we can curate spaces that inspire us to dream bigger, work more passionately, and connect with people we work with.

Create inspiring workspaces

So, think of your office café tables as the blank canvases that are there to help create team morale. Lavish one with a chocolate cake for a staff member’s birthday. And then simply wipe down the table counter with its smooth veneer finish after the occasion has been celebrated, and you’re ready for the next meeting or special moment.

By creating space in your workplace that encourages employees to sit down and catch their breath on a busy day, you’re creating endless possibilities for human connection. Now that’s good business.

AngelShack has a range of  café tables for sale.   These proudly South African café tables are both affordable and stylish in their simplicity. It is this simplicity, this humility of design, that allows people from all walks of life to sit down and feel welcome.

How much space do you need for bistro tables?

Between 1.8m and 2.4m is the ideal space that you will need to allocate for a bistro set, depending on the number of accompanying chairs.

AngelShack’s Range of Bistro Tables

 The Bistro café table from AngelShack is available in a variety of colours and in a round, or square tabletop. This is a hardy table suitable for areas where you don’t want furniture to be rearranged.

The same goes for the robust Bistro cocktail table that is also best allocated space – and then left to present itself as inviting. It pairs really well with our range of bar stools.

Our elegant 7Up café table has 4 wooden or aluminium legs as opposed to the single central leg of both the Bistro cocktail and Bistro café tables. The 7Up is thus easier to move around if you’re looking for more flexibility in your office setting.

The ribbon café table has legs that really want to show themselves off. The table is also super lightweight for ease of mobility. The ribbon side table features the same modern leg design and fits perfectly with any setting. Think of adding a vase of flowers to the table, with space still for a laptop to be stashed away when lunch arrives.

Top 5 bistro table setting ideas:

  • Adorn the table with free-flowing fabric and tie a bow around the single-stemmed table leg of the Bistro cocktail and Bistro café tables for a celebratory occasion.
  • Create an appropriate centrepiece for the right time of day: be it sugar and milk to go with the morning coffee, or a bucket of ice to accompany after work drinks.
  • Considering adding a small curio that relates to your place of work, or a note that might spark off a conversation.
  • Add a touch of flair to your office walls by adding indoor succulents that exotically protrude from wire-framed plant holders.


Office tables are what we do best at AngelShack. Let us help ensure that our careful design consideration leads to your work environment inspiration. Contact us for a brochure today.