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Whether you need a table for your break room, canteen, cafeteria, kitchen, or patio, a café table may offer the ideal solution. These simple, solid, and sturdy pieces of furniture make a versatile addition to your office.

What is a café table?

A café table is usually square or round table that is used in informal areas in the office, including eating areas.

The concept originated in coffee shops and small restaurants. They are designed to be an ideal size for sharing a coffee and snack with a friend, so this table would generally be smaller in size than a normal restaurant table. Generally, they are made to be used both indoors and outdoors, with many establishments placing them on the pavement of their restaurant.

For this reason, they are often constructed out of materials that can withstand the elements, like aluminium or steel, but you’ll also find tables made out of a range of woods and natural materials.

Where do you need a café table in an office setting?

They are perfect for informal meetings, quick one-on-ones, and mini-break areas. The tables can be used in canteens, office cafeterias, office kitchens, or work dining areas, so employees have a place to eat lunch away from their desks. These office tables can also be used outside on balconies or in patio areas, so employees can use them on outdoor breaks.

Many offices use them in a bar area or coffee break area. Consider a raised cocktail table as an alternative if looking for a spot for employees to chat over drinks.

They generally accommodate between two and four people comfortably, so they are not for big meetings or get-togethers, but they can be very useful for a quick brainstorming session with a colleague, or a coffee catch-up with your boss. A small café table is ideal for one-on-ones and won’t take up a lot of space in the office.

What to look for in a café table?

The table should be sturdy and solid. You want the table to last, so the surface should be robust and long-lasting. If the table is to be used in an area where food and drink are consumed, make sure the table is easy to wipe clean and can withstand spills.

If you plan on using it outdoors, you will want to ensure the table can withstand direct sun, rain, and dust. You don’t want a laminate or wooden surface that will begin warping if it gets damp.

Consider how you can customise the look of your table. Some tables can be ordered to match your company design aesthetic, and are available in a range of colours and materials.

AngelShack offers a range of modern café tables that can fulfill a variety of uses in your office space. Our stylish 7UP café table is an elegant and aesthetically pleasing option. You can order this table with an aluminium or wooden leg, and choose a colour to suit your décor scheme. The Bistro café table is a hardy table with a single leg and wide base. The tabletop can be ordered in both round and square designs, and the colours of the table can be customised. The matching Bistro cocktail table can be added to the mix to give employees more seating options.

Where can I buy cafe tables in South Africa?

If you’re looking for café tables for sale, AngelShack offers the 7UP and Bistro café tables as part of our range. AngelShack manufactures a wide range of different furniture including tables, desks and chairs, with a variety of options for every kind of business setup. Visit our showroom or give us a call so we can find the perfect solution for your needs.