Breakroom Furniture for Employee Lunchrooms


Having the right office breakroom furniture for your workplace is important as it helps create a positive work environment. Office space is often at a premium, so having breakroom tables that are lightweight and easy to move around will optimise your office space while keeping your employees comfortable.

Are office breakroom tables necessary?

Why do you need office lunchroom furniture if everybody already has a desk to work and eat on? Well, because designated eating areas encourage workers to make healthier eating choices. Snacking at their desk can lead to lower productivity levels because junk food leads to junk productivity.

Utilising your lunchroom in a way that inspires them to want to eat together will increase communication and lead to staff fellowship – a bonus for office morale. They’ll foster relationships around the office lunchroom tables that, in turn, lead to an increase in motivation and work productivity.

What are the benefits of breakroom tables?

Modern and elegant office lunchroom furniture will increase employee satisfaction by inviting them to recharge in the breakroom. You can’t underestimate the value of having an employee who feels re-energised to tackle the afternoon’s workload.

Often impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions happen in the office lunch area. AngelShack’s 7Up café table and ribbon café table are examples of lunchroom tables that set the right tone of hospitality that your staff will crave when seeking a break from their work routine. They both feature a wooden tabletop and customised colours to match the rest of your office breakroom furniture.

 How many office lunchroom tables do I need?

The size of your office breakroom and the number of employees likely to be in the space during lunchtime should help you decide the number of breakroom tables you’ll need.

As a rule of thumb, work on a metre per person, including a table and space for chairs. So, a table that is 1.8m in length and can seat three people comfortably should have a circumference area of about 3m.

It’s a smart idea to walk through the space to assess the layout and possible furniture arrangement.

Tips for good work and lunchroom feng shui

Feng shui is the Chinese practice of creating a balance between a person and their interior space. Applied to your office lunchroom, it can invite positive and creative energy. Think of the breakroom furniture as symbolising the things you want to attract; it should invite meaningful conversation, decrease clutter and improve space optimisation.

The material and colour of a table affect the room’s feng shui. In general, a sturdy and solid brown wood table is the most ideal. Also, the table shouldn’t be too big for the room, or too small that you don’t have enough space to place your food.

Where to find breakroom furniture?

Helping you decide on the right tables for your space is something that we take great pride in. Our award-winning furniture considers the value of workers and how we can maximise their productivity so that your business can flourish.

Our experience has taught us that happy staff make for a happy business. A big part of that is instilling pride in the workplace – from where they work to where they unwind. Sometimes the answers aren’t found in front of a computer. Instead, they are often revealed over a conversation between colleagues around an AngelShack table.