Boardroom Tables

AngelShack can custom-make the perfect office boardroom table to suit your needs. We have created a number of versatile tables for sale for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Our Big Wig Prestige Table is one of our standard offerings, but we are also able to design bespoke tables for your space.

What is a boardroom table?

A boardroom table is a large table used for important meetings within a company. It is often placed in a dedicated room along with chairs, and a range of audio-visual equipment.

Who uses a boardroom table?

Whether you’re planning a strategy session, a board meeting, or an important client get-together, there’s no better place to meet than around a table. Conference room tables are generally bigger than meeting room tables which are used to accommodate smaller groups of people. A boardroom table is often considered one of the important items of furniture in your office, as it is the place where you will meet with clients, potential clients, and suppliers.

What to consider when buying a boardroom table?

Look at your space: Work out how much space you will need around your office boardroom table. Consider the size of your conference room. You need adequate space around the table for chairs and don’t want to restrict movement around the table or create a feeling of overcrowding in the room.

A table that is too small for the room will also create a negative first impression, as the table will look lost in a large space. Consider the other items that will be placed in the room: screens, projectors, flip boards, laptop stands, and decorative items. You’ll need to make sure that these items also fit into the room without it looking cluttered.

Think about how often you will be meeting and how many people you expect to attend important meetings. If you only have a very large meeting occasionally, consider whether you can add additional seating to the room temporarily at these times, folding chairs or stacking chairs are good for this purpose.

Consider the style of your office: Make sure your table suits the chairs you select, as well as the other items in your office. If you have a light, modern and airy office, it doesn’t make sense to add a heavy, traditional table.

What shape table should you choose?

Boardroom tables are usually round, oval, or rectangular. Round or oval tables are good for collaborative meetings, where everyone contributes, while a rectangular table works well when you have a single person leading a meeting.

Does your table need any integrated technology or special features?

These days, many people will arrive at meetings with laptops, tablets, and other devices. And audio-visual equipment may need speakers and other add-ons that have to be intergraded into the tabletop. You can add lighting to a board room table, and other technology including speakers, USB points, and plug points.

Materials used

What materials do you want your table to be constructed from? Traditionally executive boardroom tables used solid timber in dark wood tones. Modern trends are moving towards lighter colours, like beech, ash, maple, and light oak. Some utilise glass or include glass insets that help to lighten the table and make it look less imposing. Aluminium and steel legs are popular additions to modern boardroom tables.

If you want to be able to adjust or change the setup, putting a table on wheels or using modular table pieces is also an option.

Where to buy boardroom tables?

AngelShack offers a range of boardroom tables for sale.

If you are looking to buy a boardroom table, but aren’t sure exactly what you need, speak to AngelShack about their bespoke tables. We can custom make a table to your exact specifications. And because we are office furniture experts, we will be able to make suggestions and recommendations thanks to our extensive product knowledge. Speak to us today about what we can offer your business. To see our furniture, visit our showroom in Illovo, Sandton.