BigWig High Office Table

BigWig High Table for Sale

Are you in need of a high table for your workspace or office?

Look no further than the BigWig high table. With its sleek design and durable construction, this office table is perfect for any professional setting.
What’s more, with the BigWig high table, it really is good to be the boss. This piece of world-class office furniture redefines C-suite ambience in the office.

It’s designed with today’s leaders in mind – that means coaching, teamwork, agility, and without costing a fortune.

BigWig High Office Table

Features of the BigWig High Table

The BigWig high table provides both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality for any professional setting.
Here are just a few of the features of the BigWig high table:

  • Built-in charging stations and wire management systems, perfect for keeping all devices charged and organised during meetings.
  • Adjustable height capabilities, allowing it to fit seamlessly into any office or conference room.
  • Natural finishes and the highest quality wood and aluminium components make for a beautiful piece of professional office furniture.

Overall, the BigWig high table creates the C-Suite ambience that promotes productivity and better business decisions.

The Advantages of Using the BigWig High Table

The BigWig high table offers numerous advantages for both boardroom and individual needs.

Sturdy build

One of the main advantages of using the BigWig high table is its sturdy construction and high weight capacity. The table can hold up to 1,000 pounds, making it suitable for heavy equipment or multiple people.


Additionally, the adjustable legs allow for customisation of table height, providing versatility in different work environments.

Easy maintenance

The BigWig high table also features a smooth laminate surface, which is easy to clean and maintain.

Where to Buy the BigWig High Table?

Right here, at AngelShack.

Our BigWig is a versatile must-have for every executive going places. It’s a high table that’s just at home in the conference room, as it is in an individual office.