7up Narrow Table

7up Narrow Office Table for Sale

The 7Up Narrow table is sophisticated, stylish, and perfect for when you need narrow tables for elevated working, meetings, or socialising.

The customisable, sleek design and contemporary colours will elevate the look of your workplace. Even though they are narrow, this office table offers plenty of space for elevated working or meetings of one or two co-workers as they brainstorm solutions.


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Features of the 7Up Narrow Table

7Up narrow is similar to the 7Up high table, just narrower. This standing narrow table is ideal for informal collaborative meetings in smaller spaces. 7Up is available with an aluminium or wooden leg and coloured to your design criteria.

Features of the 7Up Narrow Office Table Include:

  • Choice of wooden or aluminium legs
  • Polished tabletop in a variety of colour options
  • Stylish, contemporary, simple

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Advantages of Using the 7up Narrow Table

The height and width of the 7Up narrow table design make it the perfect, compact table for elevated working. If you have a chill space or meeting area that requires elevated tables but space is limited, then the 7Up narrow table will be the ideal solution.

  • Available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit every style of office décor
  • Customisable to suit your brand identity
  • Lightweight and can be moved around easily to suit any format
  • Easy to keep clean

Where to Buy the 7up Narrow Table?

When it comes to cool, functional, uber-simple office furniture, look no further than the design team at Angel Shack. We pride ourselves on creating furniture that is contemporary and creative, allowing form, function, and fun to happen daily.

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