7Up High Office Table

7Up High Table for Sale

The 7Up high table is perfect for informal collaborative meetings. This high office table is available with aluminium or wooden legs and coloured to your design criteria. If you’re looking for a sophisticated and stylish high table, then you’re going to love the 7Up high table design from us today.

Our 7Up high table for sale is perfect for any office, casual or formal! Thanks to their sleek, modern design, these tables will elevate the look of your workplace to perfection.


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Features of the 7Up High Table

When you want to create a working environment that encourages creative, on-the-go thinking, choosing a 7Up standing corporate high table is the perfect solution. The 7Up table is modern and sophisticated and allows staff to move, shake, and create at their best.

Features of the 7Up High Office Table Include:

  • Choice of wooden or aluminium legs
  • Polished tabletop in a variety of colour options
  • Stylish, contemporary, simple

Our high office tables are perfect for any business! With plenty of space to work, these tables will help you get the job done.

Enquire today about purchasing our 7Up high table today!

Advantages of Using the 7up High Table

A high table design is excellent for meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, and as office desks. It allows staff to perch which enables them to stay on their feet when they want to, sit when they need to, but always be agile and creative.

  • Available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit every style of office décor
  • Lightweight and can be moved around easily to suit any format
  • Easy to keep clean

Where to Buy the 7up High Table?

When it comes to cool, functional, uber-simple office furniture, look no further than the design team at Angel Shack. We pride ourselves on creating furniture that is contemporary and creative, allowing form, function, and fun to happen daily.

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