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Tips to choosing a better desk for your home office

It’s been a time of great disruption, hasn’t it?

From the way we interact with each other, to the social norms we once enjoyed, things have changed, and we’ve had to collectively make drastic adjustments to the way we conduct ourselves in all aspects of living.

And perhaps the most monumental shift has been in our day-to-day, our jobs and businesses – our livelihoods. This is arguably where we’ve seen the most noticeable upheaval because we’ve all now become the product of a remote-working world. Whether we wanted to or not.

And it’s into this remote world that we each have to now carve a space.

Gone, for now, are the days where large office headquarters stand as monoliths of commerce, to which each of us must commute to engage in the jobs we do. Also gone are the days that within those towers of productivity we were given our spaces, tools, and coffee stations with which to utilise in an effort to get stuff done faster and easier.

Now, it’s up to us to make our own stations of productivity. And the first – maybe most important – concept that needs to be considered, is the notion of workstation office desks.

Thinking about it, any kind of surface can indeed be made into an office table. From countertops to the big dining room kind, any flat surface is an office table, if you need it to be. But the concept goes deeper – office tables can’t just be mere real estate onto which a laptop can be placed. There are factors to consider when choosing an office table, that ensure levels of comfort that lead to skyrocketing degrees of productivity. And as you continue to work remotely, you’ll need to strive for the same degree of productivity you would automatically slip into at the office.

So, lend a modicum of thought to your workstation. Invest in office tables that allow you to do your job right. Here’s what you need to think about:

Choose comfort

The dining room giant and the kitchen faux-marble – they’re both potential office tables, yes. But are they right in terms of comfort for productivity? Probably ‘no’ to that.

In an average 8-hour working day – and because we’re a data-driven, highly connected world – you’ll be spending the vast majority of your time seated, in front of a screen, at your desk. It stands to reason, then, that you must make that space as comfortable as possible. Choose an office table that has adequate height, proper leg space, and stability that lets you exist as you would in your corporate space at the office.

Choose the right design for your health

When it comes to office furniture that promotes better health, we usually think around the office chair, not our office tables. But office tables are just as potentially equipped for the best seating experience for your day.

Make sure the one you choose is crafted to the correct specs – too high and you can put strain on your lumbar regions, too low and your ocular and neck regions will be taxed.

Make sure it fits right

It’s your space. It’s your little section of the world where you do what you do to get things done – what you do best.

It must be a professional one – both in practicality and aesthetic.

The next important point then is to make sure your office table fits that space. Remember, organisation that promotes ease of existence and movement lead to high productivity, and sometimes, inspiration.

Don’t go for cheap, go for value

There’s something to be said for choosing value over cheapness.

An office desk may go through many moves – so spending a little more will lend a certain durability and longevity to the office furniture.

Value for money in design will also ensure your office tables are made to the correct specs, and as stated earlier, this only promotes comfort and body health, which leads to more hours in front of the said office table, and thus increased productivity in a day.

So don’t go for the cheap versions. Having said that, though, no need to go for the overly expensive office tables either.

Choose value, all the way.

At AngelShack, we have a wide range of office tables for sale, and workstation office desks to suit any office, any space, any business need.

Click here to shop our selection, to get a quote, or to talk to us about designing office tables that suit your specifications.


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