Stylish Storage Ideas for your Home Office

Home Office Set Up

Commerce today has adopted a monumental shift – it’s now always-on, infinitely connected, and globally accessible.

Because of that shift, a new way of working has become the norm – the work-from-home directive.

Businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide have now experienced a seamless transition to letting employees – and themselves – work entirely from home. And it’s now easier than it’s ever been to do so, thanks to technology and increased infrastructure in connectivity.

Not all may have ample space in which to establish a comfortable office space, and many of us – from the first announcements of social distancing – had to scrabble to set up comfortable ‘offices’ at home, where we could become productive. And it’s because it’s home. It’s a space, for many of us, that’s not really meant for working tools, office tables, and filing cabinets.

And so, it’s become crucial to be economical with our home office spaces, because these spaces are now essentially needing to be modified to accommodate a global new normal in work and business.

But how? If you’re looking to establish a new home office, or simply wanting to make yours more efficient and economical, space-wise, AngelShack will show you how to organise home office space.

Let’s talk about it here:

Using the Space You Have

If you don’t have an entire room to assign as your home office, don’t stress. It’s simply about smarter use of the space you have.

Wall Space

When the area around your desk is minimal, use the walls. This little trick is the accessorising of your office by adding things to the walls to deftly create space, in an area you’d think couldn’t give you an inch more.

But what accessories do I need when organising a home office? You may ask. Try bulletin and ‘to do’ boards made from wire or cardboard – the thinner the better.

Clever Shelving

 Get clutter off the floor with some strategically placed shelving.

You may find that floating shelves work best, as they’re smaller than the more involved shelving units available, and they can be easily installed into tighter sections of wall space.

Adding Functional, Beautiful Home Office Storage

If you’ve exhausted all methods of clearing desktop and floor space clutter, it may be time to consider home office storage furniture.

There are many options in home office storage that will give you extra space, keep you free from that dreaded clutter, and keep your office stylish.

AngelShack has a comprehensive suite of home office storage ideas – each designed to give you ample space, without taking up space, and in beautiful designs and options.

We have:

  • Pedestals
  • Low storage cabinets
  • Open credenzas
  • Low credenzas
  • Roller door credenzas
  • Double storage open and closed cabinets
  • A range of open storage shelf units
  • Moby units

… and much more.

Are these the office storage ideas you’re looking for? Click here to find out more.

A decluttered, organised home office is a space that breeds productivity and creativity. Even if yours is smaller, there are options – like those mentioned above from AngelShack – to both economically use the space you have, and smartly add options of home office storage, to create more.

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