Office Storage Solutions


386mmH x 242mmW x 400mmD


1 drawer or cupboard
1140mmH x 400mmW x 400mmD

2 roller drawer
1140mmH x 800mmW x 400mmD


3 filing rows & lockable cupboard
1140mmH x 400mmW x 800mmD


2 drawers and hinge door
1140mmH x 400mmW x 800mmD


Two adjustables shelves
1140mmH x 800mmW x 400mmD


Three adjustables shelves
1495mmH x 800mmW x 400mmD


Four adjustables shelves
1855mmH x 800mmW x 400mmD


Open and closed
780mmH x 1600mmW x 400mmD


386mmH x 242mmW x 400mmD


1 drawer or cupboard
1140mmH x 400mmW x 400mmD

2 roller drawer
1140mmH x 800mmW x 400mmD


3 filing rows & lockable cupboard
1140mmH x 400mmW x 800mmD


Credenza single shelf
720mmH x 800mmW x 400mmD

Credenza double shelf
720mmH x 1600mmW x 400mmD

Cupboard 2 shelves
1140mmH x 800mmW x 400mmD

Cupboard 3 shelves
1495mmH x 800mmW x 400mmD





Top Tips on How to Choose the Best Office Storage

The old adage that mentions a decluttered workspace being equivalent to a decluttered mind, may be on to something.

In this, a time of great change, especially when it comes to our livelihood – our businesses and our jobs – there’s been a clarion call for the establishment of productive and comfortable remote working situations. This for both businesses setting up various iterations of shared office spaces to accommodate those of their people not able to work remotely, and us individuals, now finding ourselves somewhat unceremoniously part of a global work-from-home directive.

So basically, we’ve now been tasked with finding ways to make the best of a remote working situation that’s here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future. And this means making sure we can exist in that remote state – whether at home, or in other iterations of a remote situation – in comfort, and in a way that ensures productivity.

Back to the adage then, and making sure workspaces are free of distracting debris, so that tasks can be addressed seamlessly – just as if things hadn’t changed, and we were all still commuting as per usual. The first step for a workspace (and mind) decluttered, is to undergo a detailed rehash of your office storage thinking. Great strides have been made in establishing office storage options – the likes of office storage cabinets with doors, drawers, and filing systems – that make it easier to separate unnecessary objects and paperwork from surface areas needed for increased focus and productivity.

If this is done right, a workspace free of the cloying distractions and mess, will promote ease of accessibility for important documents and stationary, and so establish a work-from-home atmosphere that is comfortable and highly productive.

There are, however, a few points to think on, when considering office storage solutions.

The Size of the Workspace

The size of your workspace is the first port of call. If you’re short of space or having to make do with a space not conducive to very many options in storage, then you may simply need to consider the smaller storage system options. This will include office storage cabinets with doors that may sacrifice space for size, or simply a desktop filing system.

Don’t fret, though. If you keep your office clutter to a minimum, large cabinets and drawers certainly won’t be needed – make sure to keep stationary at a minimum and try to keep paperwork electronic, if at all possible.


There’s never any reason to overdo a storage system – particularly now when we’re both living and working in one space.

Make sure to find cupboards, cabinets, and filing drawers that suit your office’s non-office aesthetic. You want office storage that’s easy to access, easy to navigate, and that won’t detract from your workspace with its unnecessary bulk.

Always keep your office storage streamlined, and practical for the space in which it exists.

Open-plan Shelves or Office Storage Cabinets With Doors – Which Will it Be?

Again, this will depend on the nature of your business, and then the space you may have available in your remote situation.

Open-plan shelves are a great way to neatly store important files, paperwork, and required stationary, in a way that’s convenient and easily accessible.

On the other hand, though, if your profession requires, say, an inkling of privacy, you’ll need office storage cabinets with doors or spacious drawers in which to place the sensitive documents or files you work with, and perhaps lock them away, if required.

If the latter is the case, again, simply consider your office or work-from-home space. The trick is to stick to declutter, and that means rather opting in for cabinets that fill the right space, and don’t overwhelm it. So, get that tape measure out.

Or, simply come to AngelShack. We have a comprehensive suite of storage options to suit any and all workspaces, and we’ll be able to advise and customise office storage that will suit you and your business or role best.

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