What Is A Collaborative Workspace?

The Open-Plan Revolution

What is a collaborative workspace?

A collaborative workspace has a mix of private offices and shared common areas or workstations that allow employees or students flexibility throughout the day. This type of office or training set-up is excellent for bouncing ideas off one another and discussing options and solutions within the organisation.

However, you cannot just lump a few spaces together, as there are many aspects that influence the way your office flows. Angel Shack understands this. We can guide and assist you with many strategies to ensure that you get it right. Flexible workspaces can unlock value for both your employees and most importantly, your revenue – regardless of your company size.

Reasons for a Collaborative Office

In a nutshell, having spaces where your team members can get together to discuss new and fresh ideas, will make all the difference to your business. Firstly, it will bring people together in a shared environment, and in doing so, you consolidate the amount of physical space needed to accommodate your workers.

It also improves employee socialisation, which is a bonus because it makes it easier for your employees to get to know one another and develop personal bonds. Close-knit friendships are key, due to the fact that it keeps morale high. Employees commit themselves to a higher standard of work, both individually and as a member of the team.

Collaborative spaces support your workers as they try to keep up with the demands of the fast-paced business. They are more predisposed to tackle tasks quickly alongside their peers, without having to send an email or make a call. In turn, this speeds up problem-solving and productivity, all the while helping the business to remain flexible and adaptable to changing work.

Natural spaces

It’s also a great idea to include some plants and greenery in your collaborative office space. They look inviting, but there are also plenty of other benefits. Plants are great for positive mental health: they relieve stress and people feel that they purify the air which could also have a placebo effect.

By introducing elements of nature into the workplace, staff productivity, creativity, morale, and workplace wellbeing should increase, so be sure to visit us in order to view our range of planter boxes!

Collaborative spaces support company culture

It’s worth remembering that workplace culture is vitally important, and largely determined by employee sentiment. By grouping people closer together and encouraging daily collaboration your workplace suddenly becomes a community.

Strong culture attracts and retains workers and encourages meaningful contribution. By visiting one of Angel Shack’s showrooms, we’ll be able to assist you with a useful strategy that can be implemented alongside our award-winning products, certain to make you smile.

Office Ergonomics

According to an article by Business Insider SA, back pain kills productivity. This is partly because of the constant discomfort, but mainly because of the compelling work-avoidance strategies that your subconscious will employ to keep you away from your desk.

The other problem is that ergonomic furniture is extremely difficult to find in South Africa. Angel Shack has various ergonomic products on offer which can be easily included in your collaborative workspaces which are proudly South African, designed by our very own world-class designer.

Request a brochure directly from our website, or visit our showroom for a cup of coffee while you explore the world of modern ergonomic office furniture.