Strategies For Collaborative Workspace Design

Exceptional ideas aren’t created in boardrooms. Spontaneous interactions produce the most exciting and extraordinary concepts. Gone are the days of the rigid office set-up. Now you can work magic in team spaces that support your collaborative ideals.

What is collaborative furniture?

Collaborative furniture encourages creativity and it should look great and be clever without being complex or costing a fortune. Our office designs are different from anything you’ve ever seen before; sleek, comfortable, pleasant, and more productive.

Angel Shack works alongside a leading designer who develops our great-looking furniture which is consequently also built in our state-of-the-art factory based in South Africa.

Collaboration at its best

Our strategies for collaborative workspace design make sense. They are smart, contemporary, and inspiring with a practical design that you can afford.

By visiting one of our conveniently located showrooms, you’ll be able to speak with one of our informative and knowledgeable team members who can guide and assist you with the perfect office, training, or at-home set-up perfectly suited to your every need.

We have created beautiful and uniquely functional pieces to give your workspace a flair that not only your staff will love, but your customers, clients, and students will take notice of too.

How To Create a Collaborative Workspace?

Sometimes setting up an office can be overwhelming; however, we’ve put together a comprehensive brochure that allows you to gain some insight into what we offer and how we can best furnish your office.

Many of our workspace designs can be easily rolled into various configurations, meaning that you can change things up, without having to purchase additional pieces. Our intelligent space-saving folding desk systems will also enable you to have it all, by keeping things neat and tidy and tucked away when they need to be. Also, our mobile partitions will help you organise your workspace. They can be moved around to create privacy in open plan areas, as well as to create a collaborative space design for group work.

Do you prefer smart and simple? Our Gamechanger Now features a sleek and flexible design, built by a world-class team, which can easily be manipulated to interchange and grow as your business does.

Collaboration is better – that’s a fact!

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of collaboration is innovation. Collaborating with, or even exchanging ideas with, people from different backgrounds and skills can help to fill information gaps and encourage the development of a more diverse knowledge base.

It can boost the ability to not only find new solutions to problems but also improve current processes and ways of doing things. It’s this new way of thinking that has led us to offer an amazing collaborative workspace design that’s tailored to you and your company. We can offer you various strategies tailored to your business and office.

Collaborative practice

Firdouza Waggie, the Director of the Interprofessional Education Unit at the University of the Western Cape recently wrote an article on how collaboration and teamwork could improve South Africa’s health system.

Recently, a panel of researchers assessed the education that health professionals get. The aim was to provide evidence-based advice on how it could be transformed. One of the panel’s recommendations was that the curriculum be amended to include collaborative practice. Your training facility or institution would therefore benefit greatly from our award-winning, flexible teaching and teaming office designs.

Create Your Ideal Space

Request a catalogue, directly from our website, and browse through our countless desk, seating, and storage ranges, as well as our accessories to customise your office. Alternatively, you can contact us on +27 (0)11 262 5811 (Johannesburg) or +27(0)21 462 6752 (Cape Town) or via email to plan your perfect workspace design now.