Office Meeting Chairs

The key requirement for a good meeting chair is versatile comfort.

Not all chairs are suitable for a meeting room or boardroom. When selecting chairs, keep in mind that a single chair will need to work for a wide range of people, so versatility and comfort are key. People tend to shift their body position a lot.

At any time you may find yourself leaning forwards, or pushing back, bending down while taking notes, or sitting upright while concentrating on the screen. A meeting room chair should be able to accommodate a range of seating positions with ease.

What is an office meeting chair?

A meeting room chair differs from a normal desk chair because it is designed to be used in meetings and boardrooms.

Often meeting room chairs feature a ‘mid-back’ or medium back, whereas an executive office chair would have a high back. While a high back can offer additional neck support, a mid-back is more versatile, and can be used by many people throughout the day without having to be adjusted, making it a great choice for the boardroom.

Unlike other types of seating, conference chairs are often designed to promote a forward-leaning posture. The chair is tilted slightly forward so that employees sit in a posture that promotes collaboration and engagement.

Boardroom chairs for sale

A boardroom should be a comfortable meeting space in your office. It should be the ideal spot to gather with clients and potential clients, and space where people can sit for long periods of time.

When considering which boardroom chairs to choose, it is important to consider the size and feel of the room before you select the seating for space.

A very large, stately boardroom would suit formal, leather chairs in either white, black or natural leather colours. A more contemporary space would benefit from chairs featuring fresh, modern designs and a wide variety of colours.

In a very large boardroom, with a big boardroom table, you’ll want chairs with a bigger footprint that won’t feel lost in the room. In smaller rooms, you would want something smaller, taking up less room.

Boardroom chairs typically have fixed arms and fewer adjustable parts than the normal chair. Classic designs have a medium back design, but a high back can look very good in a boardroom setting as well. A recent trend in boardroom chair design is the move towards meshed materials that promote airflow.

This can help increase comfort levels during long meetings.

Office chairs are also becoming more versatile. As offices adopt open-plan design and hot-desking, there has been a move away from formal meeting rooms and boardrooms, with employees gathering for quick get-togethers at communal tables, brainstorm islands, and lounge spaces.

Office chairs are often moved from one spot to another and therefore need to work just as well behind a desk as they do in a meeting setting.

Where can I buy meeting and boardroom chairs?

AngelShack offers a range of chairs especially suited for boardrooms and meeting rooms.  Our chairs feature refined German design and have been manufactured in South Africa to the highest international standards.

Our versatile range of conference chairs are available in a range of colour and fabric options, and some even have the option of adding a different base for ultimate customisation.