Choosing An Office Chair

Everyone is individual, which means everyone will have their own unique needs for the ideal office chair. There are a few factors that contribute to the perfect office chair; starting with understanding what the term ‘ergonomics’ means. We will start by explaining ergonomics and why it is an important concept to consider when choosing a chair. We’ll also give you a few pointers on what to look out for when choosing the right chair for your needs.

What is an office chair?

An office chair is, just as its name suggests, a chair that you use at your desk or office while you work. The most important thing about an office chair is the way it supports your body. This is called ergonomics. Ergonomics is understanding how efficient a person is in their working environment. By choosing the right chair, you can support your body to be more comfortable and efficient during the day.

This is an example of the most ideal seating position that will give you the most supportive ergonomic experience possible;

Seating Position

There are several factors to consider when it comes to the ergonomics of your working space, which will enable you to choose a chair that will support you while you work.

How to choose the best office chair?

Choosing the most ergonomic chair will depend on a few factors that are individual to you. From the diagram, you can see what the ideal seating position is, and therefore it’s encouraged to choose a chair that enables you to get as close to this position as possible.

1 – Chair Height & Width

The best kind of office chair is an adjustable one. Choose a chair that is height adjustable, meaning it will allow you to move it up and down to get the ideal height. You ideally want your knees to be at a 90-degree angle and for your feet to sit squarely on the floor. In terms of width, it will all depend on your body size. You ideally want a chair that comfortably fits your bum and legs, leaving you enough room on either side of your thighs too.

Choosing a chair with armrests will enable your arms to rest at the required 90-degree angle, but some people prefer not to have arms on their chairs too. If you do choose a chair with arms, we recommend making sure they are adjustable armrests too.

2 – Chair Support

A good office chair will be designed to offer as much lumbar support as possible. You will know whether you like a particularly supportive chair for your back or not that much. Ideally, though, you want a chair designed with a curve at the lower back and even some additional support in order to enable you to sit up straight all day whilst still being very comfortable.

3 – Wheels or No Wheels

The most ergonomic and efficient chair is one that is on wheels, however, some people (depending on their comfort levels) actually prefer a chair without wheels. Ideally, wheels enable you to maneuver more easily and be able to swivel – allowing for less strain on your back, neck, and thighs.

4 – Chair fabric

The fabric of a chair can also determine its comfort levels. Most chairs are available in leather, fabric, plastic, or a combination of them all. You will know whether you like the feel of a cushy, leather chair, or a fabric-upholstered one simply by sitting on it and trying it on for size and feel. The design or fabric may also be influenced by the style of your office space and what look and feel you are going for.

If you use these suggestions when choosing your office chair, we are pretty sure you won’t go wrong. Take your time and search through all the chair options you can. If you have the luxury of shopping in person, we suggest you sit on the options you like to get the best feel for it too.

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