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BOLT Office Chair

BOLT Office Chair For Sale

World-class office seating is now a concept much more involved than what it was even just a few years back.

In the modern, dynamic, office space of today, chairs are a vital tool, and not just for sitting. Office chairs, now, can be features to a space that do much to enhance productivity, and enable collaboration – a crucial new working way that’s ensuring better, faster, more solution-driven work in any industry.

And so, these very office chairs can be designed and sought as task-orientated office features – whether in conference, in brainstorms, in chill zones, or in solo work, there’s a chair for every task, developed and designed to make that work more comfortable.

The seating staple of the modern office, these chairs are made to be versatile, yet comfortable, and of course, ergonomically sound – perfect for any kind of task, and excellent for lumbar care, and supported spine health in a long working, and sitting, day.

Let’s chat here around AngelShack’s own offering in this regard: the BOLT chair

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Firstly, we’d like to quell a myth: for a chair to be comfortable, it has to be hard on the eye. And vice versa. Task-oriented chairs, like our BOLT, can be representations of fine chair-craft. We infuse ours with a proudly South African flair too, an air of dedication and pride, and of course, love.

Let’s detail the features of the BOLT here – a state-of-the-art, proudly South African, and simply beautiful, task-oriented chair for the modern, flexible office.

What are the features of the BOLT office chair?

The BOLT, in our eyes, is the perfect office chair. But before you buy, here are some of the numbers – features to its world-class construction, and just what it can lend to your office and your people.


  • 550mm high x 445mm wide
  • Mesh can be quickly and easily replaced


  • Height adjustable from 250mm to 320mm from the seat


  • Three locking positions with an antishock feature

Gas height

  • Seat adjustable from 480mm to 570mm from the floor


  • 60mm twin-wheel
  • 60kg of loading capability in each
  • Soft-tyred version is available


  • 500mm wide x 480mm deep x 50mm thick


  • 5-year guarantee (Ts & Cs apply)

Where is the BOLT office chair manufactured?

The BOLT Computer chair is manufactured by our world-class team here in South Africa. Product development, manufacturing, marketing, logistics, quality control, environmental standards and everyone else involved – manufacturing to the highest international standards.

Are you looking for a pretty workhorse when it comes to a task-oriented office chair? The BOLT is the stallion for you. Not only is it built proudly South African, crafted with love, and exceedingly versatile, but it’s just as comfortable and ergonomically supportive as it is beautiful.

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