Office Desks

AngelShack offers a wide range of desks, all designed with the modern office in mind. Whether you’re looking for a c-suite executive style, a height-adjustable option, or a basic desk, AngelShack has a solution for your office or working environment.

Office Desk Furniture designed with the future of work in mind

Office trends continue to change as the world of work moves forward. AngelShack has spent a great deal of time developing office solutions that will keep employees comfortable and productive. Our stylish desks can be customised to your needs, and you’ll find a solution that works in executive offices, as well as solutions for informal open-plan spaces.

Modern office desks

How can a good desk affect productivity in the modern office? Good desks create more efficient, productive, and comfortable workplaces. Here are some of the trends in modern office desk design.

VOC-friendly materials

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are toxins and gases that are released into the air by certain materials. Furniture is made of many different materials and chemicals, many of which release harmful particles into the air. The varnish, glue, composite wood products and paints used to construct office furniture can all off-gas into the indoor air we breathe.

AngelShack offers desks that are VOC friendly. The laminates and coatings used to construct their furniture are VOC free and the process used for creating the furniture meets all international standards.

Technology-friendly inclusions

We all have devices, not just our computer or laptop, but also our phones, tablets, speakers, and other devices. Desks can incorporate plug points and access points for connecting all of your technology.

AngelShack offers office desks with special access points for hooking up plug and play devices.  Our 7Up range, for example, includes cleverly recessed legs that can incorporate cables in the middle of them for a much neater looking desk. Our range of accessories also includes technology-friendly extras like cable leg channels and tablet and phone holders.

Flexible workspaces

More than ever before, employees need more flexible workspaces that can be changed to suit their needs quickly and easily. Folding, rolling, and expandable tables are being created. Movable partitioning screens and dividers help to create an office that can be broken down and rebuilt in another configuration in minutes. Office spaces are becoming more dynamic and desk systems should be able to work both alone and together with other components to improve flexibility.

The AngelShack Gamechanger KIS system is a simple, stylish desk system that is easy to assemble, disassemble, and reconfigure. The lightweight frame ensures it’s easy to move and various parts allow you to use the desks for seated and standing work. The Gamechanger NTX system also offers the flexibility to create configurations that work as desks for open plan spaces, cubicles, and workbenches.

Privacy is still important

More and more offices move towards open-plan spaces where collaboration and communication are highly valued. But in these environments, many employees find themselves overstimulated and unable to concentrate. Utilising office desk furniture that incorporates privacy screens can be a smart move for businesses where employees need to strike a balance between collaborating and focused work time.

 The BigWig evoke desk, for example, includes a space divider that creates privacy and reduces distractions and noise. A multifunctional screen can also be used to divide your workspace, ensuring close doesn’t become claustrophobic.

Ergonomics should be considered

It’s not just your chair that should have some ergonomic properties. A desk can also help promote better back health. Sit-stand desks are good for adding variety to the workday, allowing employees to stand for a certain period of time.

AngelShack offers height-adjustable tables that can be raised when needed. The Gamechanger KIS desk system also includes standing desk options.

What is an executive desk?

These premium, prestigious executive office desks are generally designed for management and c-suite executives. Executive desks are big and usually include two pedestals on either side. They often feature a file draw for housing documents, files, and supplies. They can have a single work surface, but can also feature an L-shape or U-shape design. AngelShack’s BigWig Prestige is the perfect example of an executive solution for your business.

Desk systems from AngelShack

If you’re looking for office desks in South Africa, download a brochure or visit our showroom in Illovo, Sandton, and let us help you plan the perfect office.