Height Adjustable T-Leg Desks for Sale

AngelShack has created a versatile and sturdy height-adjustable desk with a robust T-leg design.

What is a height-adjustable desk? 

A height-adjustable desk, also called an adjustable-height workspace, allows you to raise and lower your work surface in seconds. You can transform your workspace from a seating arrangement into a standing setup. Standing for a portion of your day has many advantages including improved heart health and increased concentration.

About the AngelShack Height adjustable t-leg desk

The T-leg adjustable desk provides optimal flexibility and individual adjustment for activity-based work. The stroke allows personalised maximum settings in standing and sitting positions.

It comes in black, white or silver, and can be customised in a wider range of colours if necessary and features a divider screen that offers users a level of privacy.

Why use a height-adjustable office desk?

The height-adjustable desk offers many advantages, including reduced chronic pain, improved performance, and increased concentration.

Employees using an adjustable workstation can change up the level of their worksurface so they can use it while sitting or standing. Experts recommend sitting between 50% to 60% of your workday, and standing for approximately 30% of the time. Too much standing can put strain on the lower back, legs, and knees, so a balance is important.

Advantages of a height-adjustable desk

A height-adjustable desk can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods of time raises your heart disease risk. Blood flow slows down when you’re sitting, which allows fatty acids to build up in your blood vessels, which can lead to heart disease. Sitting for extended periods of time, your bones can get weaker and which can lead to pain, bone spurs, inflammation, and other symptoms.

A sit-stand desk reduces your risk of type-2 diabetes

Sitting for extended periods of time has been linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Sitting can make the body less sensitive to insulin, so our bodies need to work harder to absorb sugar and make insulin. Getting up regularly, and standing while working, can help to decrease your risks.

Standing for part of the day can reduce fatigue

Studies have shown that people are energised by movement. Getting up from your desk and standing for a period of time while working can help to improve your energy levels by pumping fresh oxygen through your body and brain. One study found that participants who stood for part of the day felt more active, refreshed, awake and energetic.

Height adjustable desks improve muscle tone

Sitting for too long leads to muscle degeneration. Having a sit-stand desk can help to improve muscle tone.

An adjustable-height work station improves your thinking

Studies show that standing during the workday improves mental agility, focus and concentration. Studies show that your brain activity actually increases by up to 20 % when standing. Study participants reported less stress and fatigue compared to those who remained seated all day. Standing can also improve our conversations and decision-making skills.

Using height-adjustable desks reduces employee absenteeism

Employees will be healthier if they spend less time sitting behind a desk. By using a sit-stand desk, you can reduce the number of sick days your employees take.

Muscle tension is also improved. By lowering the instances of chronic pain, you improve employees’ outlooks – motivation increases, productivity increases, and employees less stressed. An adjustable desk helps to increase efficiency, with employees wasting less time when standing.

Where to buy height adjustable t-frame desk in South Africa?

These sit-stand desks give employees the option of working while seated or standing. The t-leg desk design is modern and simple. The privacy screen makes it ideal for use in open-plan spaces. Visit our showroom in Illovo to see the desks in action, or call us to find out about our full range of customisable furniture.