Height Adjustable Desks

Height-adjustable desks are a new trend emerging in office design. These popular desks allow you to easily enhance working posture.

What are height adjustable desks?

A height-adjustable office desk allows you to quickly and easily increase or lower your work surface. This means you can change from a seated to a standing desk in seconds. Using one of these, an office employee can stand for a large portion of the day, which will help to protect their back and spine health, and then convert back to a seating desk when necessary.

The argument for a height-adjustable desk

A height-adjustable desk can prevent back pain, increase performance, and improve concentration. Using a height-adjustable work station reduces employee downtime and improves the health of your workforce.

The human body wasn’t designed to sit all day. Staying in one position for too long leads to stiffness and wear and tear on joints.

Using ergonomic office chairs can help you to improve your spine health, but sitting all day will still take a toll on your spine. Ideally, you should get up and move often, changing your position throughout the day.

Standing, instead of sitting, can help to reduce muscle pain, improve posture, increase blood flow and improve concentration.

A desk that is designed for standing only is not an ideal solution. We cannot stand all day, as this can also lead to lower-limb muscle fatigue, sore feet, and a sore back. Ideally, you should change position regularly to benefit from both sitting and standing. Experts recommend sitting between 50 to 60% of your working time, standing for roughly 30% of the time, and then actively moving the rest of the time.

The advantages of a height-adjustable desk

A height-adjustable desk can reduce your risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses. Sitting for too long is not good for your heart health. Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods increases your risk of heart disease. To avoid this, you should stand at work and actively move when possible. Sitting for too long can also prevent your body from breaking down insulin, which can lead to diabetes.

These desks can also improve muscle tone and protect against obesity

When sitting, your leg muscles get hardly any use. It is important to regularly change position, and the act of regularly standing up and moving around can develop muscle tone and improve your musculoskeletal system. Sitting for extended periods has also been shown to lead to weight gain. Sitting burns less calories than standing, and actively getting up regularly can help you fight against gaining weight.

An adjustable-height work station improve mental activity

Studies have shown that standing improves concentration, focus, and mental acuity. In fact, scientists have proven that brain activity increases by up to 20 % when standing. Employees think faster and even make better decisions when they are able to stand for parts of the day.

Some studies suggest that standing leads to more meaningful discussions, with employees communicating better and more convincingly when standing.

 Using height-adjustable desks reduces downtime and improves morale

Employees are happier and healthier if they stand for a portion of the day. Using one of these desks can reduce the number of sick days employees take for back pain and neck pain – two major reasons for absenteeism in the workplace.

Employees are less likely to suffer from chronic pain, and muscle tension is reduced which leads to lower stress levels. This leaves employees more motivated to do their jobs. Productivity increases, not just because fewer employees take time off work, but also because an adjustable desk helps to increase efficiency, with employees wasting less time when standing.

Where to buy height adjustable desks in South Africa?

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