Height adjustable A-Frame Desks

AngelShack have created a versatile and sturdy height-adjustable desk with a robust a-frame design.

What is a height-adjustable desk?

A height-adjustable workstation (also called an adjustable-height desk) allows you to raise and lower your work surface, easily transforming your work position from seated to standing in no time at all. Standing at your desk for a portion of your day has many advantages including improved heart health and reduced muscle pain.

What is an a-frame desk?

An a-frame desk features legs in an ‘A’-shaped configuration. They are known for their sturdy design because the surface is well supported by the legs.

About the AngelShack height-adjustable a-frame desk

The a-frame office desk is a break from convention, bringing in a whole new design. The traditional base is replaced with a diagonal strut offering great stability. This solution provides sturdiness and eliminates any shake when using multiple screens. The desk has an integrated cable tray for hidden cable management.

Why use a height-adjustable desk?

Height-adjustment is an excellent choice for any office because it can help to prevent back pain, increase performance, and improve concentration. Using these in your office can help to downtime and improves the health of your workforce.

By adding an adjustable workstation, you give employees the option of standing or sitting behind their desks. Employees who spend more time standing will suffer less stiffness and wear and tear on joints.

Standing for periods of time during the day can help to reduce muscle pain, improve posture, increase blood flow and improve concentration.

Employees should be able to switch between standing and the sitting position because too much standing is also bad for your health. It puts a strain on the lower body, leading to limb fatigue and a sore lower back. Experts recommend sitting between 50% to 60% of your workday, and then standing for approximately 30% of the time. The rest of the time should be spent actively moving – taking a short break, climbing stairs, going for a walk.  

Advantages of a height-adjustable a-frame desk

A height-adjustable desk can reduce your risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods increases your risk of heart disease. To avoid this, you should alternate between sitting and standing during the day and take time to go for walk breaks to improve blood flow. Sitting for too long can also prevent your body from breaking down insulin, which can lead to diabetes.

Height adjustable desks improve muscle tone and guard against obesity

The act of regularly standing up and moving around helps to keep muscles active, improving muscle tone. Sitting for extended periods has also been linked to obesity, as sitting burns fewer calories than standing.

An adjustable-height work station improves mental activity

Studies show that standing improves concentration, focus, and mental agility. In fact, scientists have proven that your brain activity increases by up to 20% when standing.

Some studies suggest that standing leads to more meaningful discussions. Standing has also been linked with better, faster decision making.

Using height-adjustable desks leads to fewer sick days and improved morale

Musculoskeletal issues are often caused by employees sitting for too long. Employees are happier and healthier if they stand at work for a part of the day. The number of sick days employees take is reduced, as an adjustable desk can help to reduce back pain and neck pain – two major causes of absenteeism at work. An adjustable desk helps to increase productivity, with employees wasting less time when standing.

Where to buy height adjustable a-frame desk in South Africa

AngelShack manufactures an a-frame adjustable desk table as part of their worksurface range. These allow for optimum flexibility, allowing employees to raise and lower their work station in seconds. The a-frame design is very stable, reducing monitor shake, and ensuring the desk provides a productive place to work.  Visit our showroom in Illovo to see the desks in action, or call us to find out about our full range of customisable furniture.