Executive Desks

Elevate your office with the addition of an executive desk from AngelShack.

What is an executive desk?

An executive desk is a stylish work solution for top executives and high-level employees. You’ll often find these in management and c-suite offices. These good-looking workstations make a strong impact in any office environment.

Executive office desks come in a range of designs and styles. Classic styles include styled and carved wood, while modern executive desks often incorporate glass and aluminum. These are available in a range of different finishes and sizes, ensuring you’ll find an option to suit your needs.

Traditionally, an executive desk design would usually include two wooden pedestals on either side of a large, sturdy desk, which would be placed in the centre of the office. These days, work surfaces are lighter and less imposing and the design is more flexible. They incorporate alternative materials with cleaner lines. U-shaped and L-shaped desks are also more common in a modern setting.

What to look for in an executive desk?

When selecting a desk, consider the atmosphere of your entire office. If the vibe in your office is very serious, you may want to select a more traditional work desk. If you work for an innovative company, modern design might be more appropriate. Consider the technology you will be using. As we all embrace a multi-device culture, be sure that the desk you choose can accommodate many different devices by incorporating plug points and cable management options.

Local manufacturing should be an important factor. Not only will you be supporting South African business, but you can also be sure local parts will be available.

High-quality materials are a must. Natural finishes, quality aluminium, steel and glass are all materials that work well. Consider the materials used to make the desk. In today’s modern office environment, low VOC materials are important.

Look for a company that offers a warranty. A desk should come with some form of warranty so you can be sure you can trust the quality.

AngelShack’s Big Wig Prestige Desk: a modern executive desk for professionals

AngelShack offers a prestigious desk option for the modern executive. The Big Wig Prestige combines modern design with high-quality materials. Designed by acclaimed German industrial designer Stefan Brodbeck, this product is both beautiful and distinctive.

The Big Wig Prestige is manufactured here in South Africa by a team of skilled professionals. Product development, manufacturing, marketing and logistics are all handled locally. It is constructed from low VOC materials. The high-quality wood and aluminium used are both beautiful and modern. The desk features a connectivity panel for plugging in many devices and many storage options.

Where to buy an executive desk?

If you’re looking for executive desks for sale, AngelShack offers high-quality workstations. The AngelShack Big Wig Prestige is a modern and functional desk that looks great in modern office spaces. If you’re looking for a prestigious desk constructed from high-quality materials, visit our showroom or give us a call so we can find the perfect solution for your needs.