Choosing An Office Desk System

Now, more than ever, people are in need of contemporary, comfortable desk systems either for their new home offices or for a newly refurbished, roomier workspace. Whether you’re working from home for the foreseeable future or in need of renovating your offices in response to your more digitised workforce, choosing the right office desk for you and your team is essential.

Not only can the wrong office desk system be bad for your health, but it can also lead to employee dissatisfaction and discomfort. But just how do you know what kind of desk system is right for you and your space? The team at AngelShack have put together a few tips on choosing the perfect desk; easily and conveniently;

What is an office desk system?

Desk systems, otherwise known as modular or freestanding desks, are compact, efficiently-designed, and ideal for either a work-from-home or office environment. Most office desk solutions can be easily put together DIY-style and often include built-in storage space like drawers and cupboards. Modular desks are popular because they can be rearranged without fuss and dismantled with ease too.

How to choose an office desk system?

Choosing the right desk system is an easy enough process, but one that shouldn’t be taken on a whim. Take your time in deciding, and make sure you choose the right system for your needs and space.

Tip #1 – Choose your desk based on the kind of work you do

Choosing a desk based on “because you love the colour” is not a good idea. We suggest starting with making sure you are clear on what you will be needing to achieve at your desk.
• Will you only be doing computer work at the desk?
• Will you be doing some computer work and also some paperwork?
• Will you be needing to conduct meetings or co-sharing your desk?
• Will you be welcoming customers or clients up to your desk?

These questions will give you a clearer picture of what kind of desk you need. If you are simply doing a few hours of computer work a day, then an all-in-one work station like the AngelShack 7Up design would be ideal. If you’re an executive who needs to do a little bit of everything including having enough space to conduct a meeting, then a larger L-shaped office suite like the Big Wig Prestige from AngelShack would be your best bet.

Tip #2 – Always measure your space

Knowing how much space you have in your home office or workspace is key. You’ll need to know if the office system you like will actually fit in the room you have. You’ll need to take into account factors like the height of your chair as well as the maneuverability of the space too. Keep in mind your comfort levels and, ultimately, your ideal ergonomics too. Working at an unsuitable desk all day can lead to backache, headaches, and a very unhappy, daily experience.

Tip #3 – Match your desk to your style

Now is the time to consider style; once all the practicalities have been taken care of. Choosing a desk system that fits your style and interior design trend is important. You want a desk that will blend in with the colours and shades you’ve gone within the space; most especially if your customers or clients are around. We suggest choosing a more muted, neutral office desk as it then allows you to bring in bold colours and bright fabrics around it.

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