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AngelShack - Desk Systems - BIGWIG PRESTIGE

The perfect complement to the contemporary C-suite office. Our Executive Desk is the finishing touch that says you’ve arrived, and that you are going places.


AngelShack - Desk Systems - BIGWIG EVOKE

Your ideal desk is like a second skin. It fits you and helps you do what you do. It makes your work easier from a practical perspective and more satisfying from an aesthetic one. BigWig Evoke ticks all your boxes.


AngelShack - Desk Systems - GAMECHANGER NXT

NXT by name, next by nature. GameChanger NXT is the high-end workstation solution for situations that demand maximum performance and functionality.



Keep it simple. One of the smartest sayings we know. An inspiration for GameChanger KIS. Straightforward to yet stylish desks that are easy to mix, match and combine.



Today’s reality. A product for and of our time. GameChanger NOW combines our lowest priced frame with NXT and KIS screens. It’s got your basics covered without being basic.



7Up is an all-in-one workstation catering to the needs and demands made on the worker today. Available with aluminium or wooden leg and
coloured to fit your design criteria.



With it’s signature sustainable aluminium casting, TEX has an elegant aesthetic with clean, simple lines and neat design touches that make a powerful statement in any work environment.




The T-leg height-adjustable desk provides optimal flexibility and individual adjustment for activity-based work. The stroke allows personalised maximum settings in standing and sitting position.



The A-frame desk is a break from convention, bringing in a whole new design. The traditional base is replaced with a diagonal strut offering great stability. This solution provides a sturdiness and eliminates any shake when using multiple screens. The desk has an integrated cable tray for hidden cable management.




A desk with storage that suits your home. The perfect home desk solution!



S’cool is the perfect desk for agile learning environments



Compact STUDY desk is perfect for your home office space


STUDY sliding top

Compact STUDY desk is perfect for your home office space



Our SHELF desk offers an under desk storage shelf, perfect for easy access to your work.


The office desk system – How to streamline your workspace in the new normal

In the midst of what we’re calling a global working revolution, we’re being introduced to a myriad of revelations when it comes to what a business day now entails.

And these revelations are coming to us not only in the form of how we do business now in this pandemic-created ‘new normal’ but so too in how we as professionals create the spaces in which we now have to exist, as we get things done on the daily.

As the world changed, and business shifted with it, we were all presented with a vastly different working reality. Suddenly, our day-to-day routine morphed into one that demanded flexibility, agility, and remoteness. And for the foreseeable future, that is the directive that looks set to stay. It’s a good thing, though, because simply by being unceremoniously cast into this new way, we’ve largely, as a society, made it work. We have the connectivity. We have the infrastructure. We have the tools.

But the question may remain: do we have the mental and physical wherewithal and enthusiasm to adopt this long-term?

Human beings are by nature, creatures of habit. This new way of working, then, may be a point of contention for many. The solution, though, is in something so simple: comfort. And further to that, the way to achieve comfort in a remote or shared working space, is in the acquisition of comfortable and quality workspace elements, like office desks and office desk furniture.

To wit: if your working space is comfortable, decked with quality features, and injected with the elements that inspire you, you will only find inspiration there. And indeed, it could be as simple as that. The best place to start, though, when building your workspace, is with its very foundation.

And what is that foundation? Well, it’s your office desk, of course. Without professional, comfortable office desk furniture, you could be in for discomfort that kills productivity, and that could exacerbate related issues like health concerns.

But what are the nuances that must come together to define the best desk system?

What is a desk system?

Also known as a modular or freestanding desk system, these are compact, efficiently-designed office desks. They’re slick – dripping with style and storage in equal measure – they’re easily maneuverable, simple to dismantle and construct, and provide undeniable comfort.

How can office desks affect productivity?

So, the regular concept of the office is a thing of the past. Your assigned desk at your company’s HQ may be standing empty, long-term. You now need to make sure that the space you’ll be occupying for the large part of your day is a space that lends you an air of professionalism, punctuated by the personal style that inspires productivity in you.

At AngelShack, we design office desk furniture with the future of work in mind. With that vital point as the central nucleus, our office desks are then produced to create an environment of productivity.

These are just some of the features that allow us to give you modernity and comfort in your workstation. From there, that productivity can only stem:

Tech-infused design

Whether it be power points for charging, recesses for better cable storage, or nifty holders and stations for your devices, we add them to the standard feature list in all of our office desks.

Check out the 7Up range from AngelShack – it’s comfort and tech coming together to complete the perfect piece of office desk furniture.

Convenience in design simplicity

Inspiration isn’t only found in comfort and style. It’s also found in choice. Where you choose to establish your workstation – whether in your home office or in a shared office space – lends additional facets to the delicate formula that mixes to make you productive.

That’s why at AngelShack, we design with simplicity in mind. Simplicity that gives you the freedom of choice to move to where you’re going to find the most comfort and inspiration to do what it is you do best. And in that space, these designs will seamlessly blend with your other office components – more flexibility and choice for you.

For example, our Gamechanger office desk system. It’s an easily manipulated hive desk, that can be dismantled and built up again quickly and easily and that works with other office desk features, so that you can be in a brighter spot, or near a window, or closer to the air conditioner. Whatever your heart desires. It’s your space. We’re just helping you customise it.

AngelShack has a range of office desks and a suite of office desk furniture designed with your inspiration in mind.

Click here to find out more.

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