Workstation Accessories

Office accessories help to create a more productive, and organised workplace.

Beyond the office desks, office chairs, and boardroom tables, every office needs a range of finishing touches to create a workspace that truly works.

Enhance your workspace with our range of office desk accessories, designed to increase productivity and create a more comfortable working environment.

Office Space Division

Open plan office spaces help to increase teamwork by encouraging communication and collaboration, but employees perform best when they have a set space that they can call their own, where they have a degree of privacy.

Office partitioning can help to reduce noise, creating a quieter working environment as upholstered dividers will help to absorb sound. Office dividers can also enhance the look of your workplace, adding a pop of colour to a dull space.

AngelShack offers a range of office space divider screens including our Lite screens, fully upholstered, and partly upholstered desk screens

Our Lite screens offer the ultimate versatility – they can be moved around with ease, allowing employees to collaborate when necessary.

Fully upholstered screens look stylish while providing functionality. AngelShack’s range can easily be added to the screens to personalise the space. Our partly upholstered screens also provide a level of privacy between desks, while still allowing light to flow through the space.

Divider and Office Desk Accessories

AngelShack office furniture supplier has created a unique range of office desk accessories for sale that can be added to space dividers. By freeing up desk space, and creating dedicated spaces for devices, desk accessories can help employees get the most out of their work area.

Our phone and tablet holders can be attached to your divider, so they are within easy reach without cluttering your space. One of the biggest culprits of a disordered desk is loose stacks of papers and documents. Our letterbox offers the perfect place to neatly store all those important documents and pieces of paper.

We’ve introduced a number of innovative pieces like our lunchbox stand, mug holders, and plant holders that can help to personalise a workspace while keeping it neat and tidy. And our clever cellphone safe keeps employees’ devices safely locked away.

We also offer a stylish range of monitor risers that raise your screen to eye level, helping to reduce backache, improve posture, and increase energy.

How can Office Desk Accessories Affect Productivity?

A recent Princeton University study concluded that a cluttered desk can leave an employee feeling overwhelmed and less able to concentrate. By introducing desk accessories like file holders, toolboxes and letterboxes, employees can clear up their space, and their minds.

Desk plants are not only a pleasant addition to a workspace, but they can also actually help improve their immediate environment by cleaning the air and pumping fresh oxygen into the room, so look out for house plants.

Monitor risers can be used to raise a monitor or laptop up off your desk so that it is positioned at eye level. This helps prevent slouching and improves employees’ concentration levels.

Screen dividers can also help increase productivity by allowing employees to focus on their work by cutting out distractions and visual stimuli.

Where can I Buy Office Accessories?

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our full office accessory range. We’d love to send you our brochure and help you pick out the perfect accessories and desk screens for your office. Our expert team can advise you on the right accessories for your space. Call us today.