As per official data, on a normal working day, an employee spends approximately 9 hours of their day in the office. During this time, coordination and co-creation take up a huge chunk. Thus it is natural to look for tools and furniture that support such a work environment and become critical in enhancing employee productivity and morale.

Mobile office furniture has been all the rage in recent years for this reason. You can add a touch of aesthetics to your office furniture that will resonate with your business’ goals by replacing the old boring whiteboard with a whiteboard with wheels, for an improved teaching and team working experience.

What Is A Mobile Whiteboard?

It is a portable whiteboard that can be easily carried from one place to another. It is more than a traditional whiteboard; it’s portable, lightweight, sturdy, and double-sided for those intensely creative sessions. And it’s budget-friendly! In short, it is everything that would make your employees want to work more.

A portable whiteboard on wheels is a resourceful and space-saving tool for all kinds of office collaboration like meetings, presentations, training, and ideation sessions with team members. And because it’s mobile, you can wheel it wherever you need it!

If you and your employees are constantly on the hop, you’d benefit from smart tools that can adjust to your ways of work. Plus, you can wheel it out of the way or into storage when it is no longer needed, allowing you to efficiently utilise office space.

Where To Look For The Best Mobile Whiteboards?

Looking for whiteboards with wheels for the office? Office furniture plays a critical role in defining the workplace ambiance, employee enthusiasm, and productivity. Individuals exposed to disorganised environments exhibit more subsequent self-regulatory failure and reduced persistence in challenging tasks.

Employees are no more expected to work as they used to in the industrial age. With the advent of the internet, connectivity has surpassed all boundaries, and today’s workforce has far more complex issues to resolve. Hence, the need for a double-sided whiteboard on wheels that features a state-of-the-art design and is versatile in its build and usage to support today’s workforce.

The major advantage of the AngelShack mobile screen is its double-sided capability makes collaboration for teams a cakewalk. The screen is double-sided. On one side, it’s a whiteboard, the other features an upholstered pinboard.

It is a modern-day mobile whiteboard. The rolling wheels encourage the smooth movement of the whiteboard for the nomadic workforce. The sturdy structure helps it to stay in place during those intense group discussions and brainstorming sessions. You might be wondering that with so many features, it could be a high maintenance item but that’s where the delight is.

Our mobile screen is super easy to use and maintain. Not just this, they are easy on your pocket as well (icing on the cake)!

We understand and design for agile offices. Our products cater to the needs of today’s workforce. We understand the need for furniture that enables and encourages workers in their pursuit of excellence and creativity. Team up the mobile screen with one of our intelligently designed chairs and watch your employee’s level of comfort and productivity rise in multiples. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

They say that all good things come in small packages. Here is our version, all good things come in limited quantities. To get great-looking office furniture, get in touch with us here.