The Best Perspex Sneeze Guards For Office Desks

The Covid-19 pandemic is continuing to impact the workforce and productivity and has reset the work environment as we know it. It is now time to rethink, reset, and adapt. The easing of lockdown restrictions has seen many employees return to their areas of employment and employee safety and the fear of the second wave of the virus continue to linger in the mind of those in the workplace.

Companies have, since the return to the workplace, tried to adapt to the “new normal” – masks, sanitising, and temperature checking stations.

Adherence to the social distancing guidelines continues to be a challenge and employers have continued to launch a crackdown on employees who are not adhering to these guidelines. But is that enough to ensure safe working conditions?

What are Sneeze Screens?

Employers can ensure safety in the workplace with sneeze screen guards. Covid screens for desks play a vital role in combating the outbreak and ensuring the safety of their employees.

South Africa’s leading manufacturers of cool and award-winning furniture pieces, Angel Shack have developed a range of Perspex sneeze screens to aid in social distancing and the protection of employees.

A research study was recently conducted where employees were asked whether they preferred working from home, a coworking site, or their workplace.

Many would guess that the average person prefers to work in the comfort of their own homes, however, the study found that if the workplace is well designed to meet the needs of employees, workers overwhelmingly choose the workplace. Employees want a safe working environment and sneeze screens offer an additional safety measure.

Sneeze Screen Guards

These sneeze screen guards have already found their place in financial institutions and shopping centers and they are now proving to be an important safety measure in the corporate environment. Sneeze screen guards are a solution for employers who are looking to save money and ensure the safety and the health of their staff.

Instead of investing in additional office space or considering remote working as an option, employers can be assured the safety of their workers.

Do sneeze screens work?

Sneeze screens have a grade of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are effective in slowing down the spread of viruses that are spread through coughing and sneezing. Though they are not considered as essential, these screens work best in combination with other proven methods of protection from the coronavirus – wearing a facemask and regularly sanitizing your hands and work area.

Where to buy office sneeze screens?

Angel Shack developed an array of different types of sneeze screens, which can be sanitized frequently. Designed to fit your needs and the style of your office, they assist in reducing person to person contact and aid in social distancing.

With five options to choose from, you can choose screens to fit your office’s style, interior, and layout.
From frontal screens, which are stylish and modern. Suitable for open-plan offices, where sitting arrangements include people facing each other. Screens with sides, for separation between co-workers, best for an office that has workers sitting next to each other as well as screens that can be easily attached to your existing screens.

Finally, there are sneeze screens suited for eating and reception areas suited for any business layout ensuring continued employee health and safety. For the best office Perspex Sneeze Guards for Office Desks – contact Angel Shack.

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