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There are various workspace accessories and office storage options available, making your workspace more efficient and effective.


The Monitor Riser accessory raises the screen on your work desk. If your screen is raised to eye level it prevents slouching over and causes you to sit more upright.



Office Lockers provide personal storage, privacy, and space division.


Office Privacy screens create safe, private spaces for improved productivity.


Our mobile screen divider SHIELD provides privacy for desk systems.


Our MOBILITY screen is exactly that – MOBILE! Perfect for collaborative spaces.


ssmain sneeze screen

We have developed perspex Sneeze Screens to assist in creating work distancing and safety in the office.


Lite screen dividers allow workers to personalise their space, provide visual privacy, and displays space


Fully upholstered desk screens bring structure to space. They successfully combine design and functionality by providing visual privacy and personal boundaries. The screens can incorporate accessories like the magnetic screen divider, tablet holders, letterboxes and cup holders.


Partly upholstered desk screens bring structure to space. They successfully combine design and functionality. The screens can incorporate accessories like the magnetic screen divider, tablet holders, letterboxes, and cup holders. View our accessories to see the full range available.


A rundown on office desk accessories

We’ve blogged at length about the current state of the brick and mortar office, the concept of the office and what it means in the midst of a pandemic, and the best ways to approach the new working from home directive, on a macro level.

That directive is all-permeating – professionals and businesses the world over have been somewhat rudely and unexpectedly tossed into a world where we all now operate apart.

And therein is the crux of what we mean by approaching working from home on a macro level. We’ve all been left to our own devices when it comes to setting up spaces in our home in which to tackle workdays while maintaining optimum comfort and productivity.

And so, yes, work-from-home office setup on the macro level is important, but it’s equally vital – once you’ve established that space – to look deeper. To magnify that space and consider, on a micro-level now, what will make you comfortable at your home workstation, when it comes to the accessories you use.

Workstation accessories are crucial components to your work-from-home system. It’s at this level, the micro-level, where you can pepper your home workstation with the elements that truly make up your working style.

This is personalisation at its most detailed. Personalisation enhances your own individual need for the kinds of comfort, inspiration, and convenience that helps you be the most productive you can.

How can workstation accessories affect productivity?

When it comes to workstation accessories, there can be a balance ultimately achieved between the features that come with adopting the right workspace accessories.

These features include inspiration, comfort, and, of course, health benefits.

So just as the right office chair gives you the best ergonomics needed for a healthy eight hour day in front of a screen, so too will a decent keyboard and keyboard holder make you feel like you’ve seamlessly transitioned into a work-from-home office life no different to that of a corporate office environment.

Facts like this may seem trivial – keyboards, file holders, desk trays, monitor stands – they’re all just ‘things’, right? Well, no, not really. They’re things, of course, but they’re more than that, too. They’re tools. And to get any job done, one needs the correct tools with which to do said job right. So, as you set up your home office, consider the workspace accessories, the tools, that will help you do what it is that you do best.

Choose wisely, and equip yourself for success.

Workspace accessories for the shared office

The directive is, ‘stay home.’

The small issue with that, though, is that sometimes it’s just not possible.

Sometimes, teams need to come together in real-time. Collaboration on a particular job or project point needs to be done face-to-face. And, of course, the unreliability of infrastructure may rear up – connections fail, service providers don’t meet demand, things can go wrong and do.

And so now, to counter this, if a business doesn’t have an HQ, shared office spaces are becoming somewhat of a norm. They’re temporary hubs, where teams can come together to meet, and all within a pre-established professional atmosphere that’s connected and serviced, and stocked. These are spaces that now provide offices to those businesses needing brick and mortar quarters, where only what is used, is charged for.

That’s next-level convenience, in a world where we’ve all had to make drastic changes in our working lives.

But let’s take it back to the micro-level of office setup. We’ve spoken about how anyone might set up their own home office, and enhance said space with their chosen workspace accessories to promote comfort and productivity. That notion, however, must also be considered by a business owner – it is up to you to equip offices with workspace accessories that protect.

And this comes down to making sure, through these office accessories, your people can effectively distance, while working together. So consider workplace accessories like:

While it’s up to your people to make sure they enhance their remote spaces with workstation accessories that inspire, as a business owner, it’s up to you to equip your offices with office accessories that protect, in this the ‘new normal.’

At AngelShack, we have both personalisation and safety accessories – we’ll help you design workspaces that enhance productivity and comfort, if you’re looking to establish your own. And for the more public workspace, we’ll help you ensure safety in collaboration.

Click here to find out more about our range of workstation accessories and office accessories.

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