Smart Office Decorating Ideas for Home-Based Entrepreneurs


In the last year or two, we as a global society have made a very important discovery about ourselves – we don’t need to be bound to brick and mortar work and business locations, any longer.

We can work remotely, from anywhere, and whenever we want.

In this more flexible commerce arena, businesses have discovered that employees can work from home, and stay productive, and to those who’ve embraced that state, it’s come to mean impressive savings on rent and other overheads.

For the aspiring entrepreneur, this is even better news.

No more shelling out exorbitant wads of rent money for tiny spaces and crushing your profit before it’s even in the bank. Because of the universal hyper-connectedness of the world today, a business can be conducted from anywhere – even retail, where physical shops have now shifted to operate entirely in the virtual arena. And there, they’ve found equal, and even increased, success.

Many, though, have also found the shift somewhat challenging – new efforts to find productivity grooves and focus have proven to be a hindrance. The trick to tapping into that ‘office mindset’ when not actually in an office, is to create a space separate from the other home arenas.  But how? It’s all in savvy home office design.

AngelShack will show you how to decorate a home office, and help you achieve your goal in setting up a home office design directive, to get your head back in the game.

Home Office Design

The main goal in finding harmony in a home office, is to establish it as a strictly business space. There are a number of things that can be done, to make that distinction:

Separate Home from Office

In the recent past, the home was home, and the office was the office, and if we were lucky, never the twain would need to meet.

It’s different now, though, and the two arenas have now been unceremoniously thrust together.

The art, then, is to allow them to co-exist, but with clear separation of what happens when occupying each. So, home is for relaxation, unwinding. The home office is where you do what you do best, get things done, and make that money.

Earmark a well-lit, comfortable area in your home that you can close-off from the greater house. When you’re in that space, you mean business.

Then, when you’ve established that work area, you can:


Clutter in the office is mirrored in the mind.

Do your best to clear the space – make use of office storage space and filing systems – and organise surfaces. It goes the distance is reducing the stress and anxiety that most of us experience when dealing with messy workspaces.

Productivity, then, is left with room to thrive.

Embrace Nature

A great way to bring in peace and inspiration, and to clear the mind, is to add a touch of foliage to the room.

Plants and flowers not only add the peace of nature, helping you focus, but they also add a range of health benefits – they clean the air, and help fend off stress and anxiety.

See the Light

Lastly, remember your lighting. This one can be overlooked, but it’s vital to optimal office comfort, and concentration.

If your lighting is lacking, look to bring in some stylish desktop or floor lamps to brighten the space. The difference will be palpable – it’ll improve your focus and mood.

AngelShack is your premier home office design partner. We’ll show you how to make home office décor work for you, so that you can build a workspace in which to focus and thrive.

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