Office Storage Hacks to Help You Get Organised

A cluttered office can be tantamount to a cluttered mind. And now that we’re mostly working from home, we need to take it upon ourselves to create working spaces that mimic the levels of focus and productivity we used to have at the office.

The first step, then, is to make sure your workspace is free from the factors of disorganisation that tend to bog down your endeavours to finish daily tasks.

We have some top tips – some office storage hacks – for you, to help you get rid of the mess, and restore your office to the neat and tidy status you love.

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Let’s talk more here around office storage solutions, and the hacks that you can use to streamline your workflow.

Office Storage

And it’s all about that workflow. Your process to doing what it is you do best. Office storage, then, is a vital part to a serene and organised working environment.

At AngelShack, we have the office storage solutions to suit every space:

  • Pedestals
  • Low storage cabinets
  • Open credenzas
  • Low credenzas
  • Moby units

… and much more.

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Once you have your setup though, there’s much more you can do with the space you have, to make your storage even more economical.

Here are the hacks to get you going:

What Are the Best Office Storage Hacks?

1. Try Going Paperless

Piles of paper everywhere really does affect mental health and stress levels.

We’re now always-on, hyperconnected and more digitised than we’ve ever been – maybe it’s time to ditch the paper.

Everything can be done on a device, so check out digital notetaking, accounting and invoicing apps. Then, switch off that printer – you’ll be pleasantly surprised how little you need It.

2. Labels, Labels, Labels

There’s no point to a clutter-free office or workspace if you have no idea where anything is. So, once you’re happy everything is where it should be, a trusty label-maker is a great tool to implementing a system of fast file, equipment or invoice retrieval.

3. Use Drawer Dividers

‘A place for everything, and everything in its place.’

That’s how the adage goes. And using drawer dividers is a nifty trick to having what you need, at your fingertips.

4. Hide Your Wires

Perhaps everyone’s biggest office organisation bug-bear – the dreaded tangle of cables and wires behind the desk. It is arguably the single biggest anxiety-inducing workstation mess, and when anxiety strikes, productivity sputters.

Take some time to separate the wires, and once you have, make use of the many cable-reducing space-savers out there – like spiral cable wraps, for example. File clips or washing pegs can be secured to the cable and desk for cable separation, too.

It’s all in keeping the workflow going – a severely disorganised space will cause productivity to lag, even stop. Not only that, but the stress that comes with the clutter and chaos is enough to severely hamper comfort, and your home office may start to become an area you’d rather avoid. Office storage solutions will do the trick, though, so try some of these hacks, and get your workspace right. You’ll be back on track and winning again, soon.

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