How to Make a Home Office That is Productive and Inspiring

We’ve all had to make some big changes – masks, sanitising, social distancing. The world as we know it is now a soberingly different place.

That change has been somewhat unsettling, and we’ve had to shift much of what we do in a day, to align with this ‘new normal.’

Some of those changes, though, have been less unsettling – even preferable. Our working world, for example, and the concept of how and when we work hasn’t devolved, it’s evolved.

Because of the global directive of social distance, we’ve had to become more remote, and that’s made us hyperconnected. This has resulted in commerce now being the most connected it’s ever been and has added a new level to a business’s worldwide, always-on operability. Paring that down though, this means that each of us must be equally remote in our day-to-days, to fit in with this larger status – if you can, you work from home.

AngelShack can help with that. We have a suite of remote-working tools, to make your home office an inspired space. Here’s how to get started.

How to Make Your Home Office More Productive

This remote-working world now means that each of us also need to establish a space to be productive, in the very place that would usually be entirely separate from that part of the day.

There’s a delicate balance, though, in productive home office design, where the space in which you focus on tasks, and the one in which you rest and unwind, must each exist in mutual exclusivity.

Let’s talk here about your home office, and how to establish it as a hub of productivity. We’ll assess the space, and create the appropriate ambiance, then we’ll touch on the tech.

Create Space

So, whether it be that you have a dedicated office, or you’ll be cordoning off a section of your home, the space you choose must be established as the place you ‘go to work’.

Once you have a space in mind, declutter it – make it the area in which you feel able to slip into your ‘work mind’, without the distractions that could be around when not in an office environment, like TVs, pets or family members.

Bring in Colour

Colour can inspire a mindset of work and productivity – there is actual research that can back this up.

Each colour, then, can trigger certain areas of your brain to enhance your mood, calm your soul, or help fire-up your creative flair.

One of the most productive colours for home office is green – these cooler colours promote a working space that exists in calmness. And in that space, when you’re calm and focused, productivity is the inevitable by-product.

A top tip is to get your fix of green by adding plants to your workspace – that way you get the serenity of nature, to boot.

Light Up Your World

This goes without saying, but it’s often overlooked – sufficient lighting is vital to keep productivity up.

The rub, though, is that in categories of lighting, warm is usually for the home – the place where you rest. Cool lighting is for the office – the place where you’re fired-up, thinking, focussing, and creating.

This remote-working world has the two categories unceremoniously slammed together, so you’ll need to build an aesthetic conducive to both – and again, separate them accordingly: cool is work, warm is relax.

Productive Home Office

So, those are the factors to keep in mind in productive home office design to make it a workspace you’ll be happy to occupy.

What about the technicalities, though? The components that’ll connect you to the outside world, so that you can do your job.

This is the easy part if the right tools are in place.

How to Set Up a Productive Home office

You know how your home office needs to look, now you just have to make sure your equipment is good to go:


As mentioned, we’re a remote-working world right now, but, ironically, also highly connected. In fact, we’ve never been more connected.

To be able to align with commerce today, you need to be tightly woven into the tapestry of that hyperconnected global market.

Make sure your internet connection good. A tenuous connection is interruptible, and so then by default so will be your productivity.

Knowing your connection requirements and investing in good infrastructure, will keep you online and doing what you do best.


There’s nothing better than a workspace set-up to your exact specs. And now you can craft that space to suit you – you’re at home and it’s a space that’s entirely yours.

While you’re setting up, declutter, and then make sure your screens are at optimal viewing heights, and that your desk is in the right place.

Moving back to the hardware – upgrade what you need to on your Mac or PC, so that nothing breaks or crashes. There’s nothing more debilitating to productivity, than a sudden windows update, or a programme malfunction.


This is a feature to your productive home office design that’s not only about comfort. It’s about better health.

There’s a lot to be said about thinking about ergonomics in a world where we could potentially be in front of a screen from sun-up to sundown. Your back takes strain, even if you’re in one place and not moving for most of the day.

Choose a chair that will accommodate for long ours of sitting, and that will protect the precious parts of your back and neck.

The comfort will be built-in, but you don’t want to be opening yourself up to health issues – that’s just bad for productivity, so look for function, too.

AngelShack has a suite of seating options perfect for your comfort, and your back – check them out.

Are you looking to establish a custom-made, comfortable, functional, and most of all, productive home office? AngelShack can advise – we have the office components that suit your taste, and we’ll help you build your office into a beautiful thinking space. So beautiful, you’ll want to be in it all day.

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