How to create a perfect work from home environment

Working from home is becoming ever more prevalent and changes within the classic work environment are at large. Companies are asking their staff to work from home where possible and many employers and employees are benefitting from this new way of conducting business. Planning and creating a perfect home office setup and environment is key to success.

How to create a productive work from home environment?

Your new home office setup needs to be planned. The following steps should be followed in your planning:

  • Define your working space at home

Before you start designing your home office you will need to allocate the correct space to it. If you already have a home office your area is already set out unless you would like a change. Choose an area that is quiet, secluded, has good lighting and fresh air, and is as removed from homely distractions as possible.

  • Decide what technology is needed.

It is a good idea to list all the technology required to complete your tasks when you are at your commercial office. Once you know what you need to work effectively at the office you can plan your home office setup. It is also a good idea to see what technology devices your company is willing to pay for or contribute towards you working from home. Make sure the technology that you will be putting in your new home office is up to date and on your list. Give it a test run before you start your first working day!

  • Determine the equipment you require.

After getting your technology together you now need to look at the equipment you need to carry out work from home. This is often job-specific and you need to ensure everything you require to function is at your fingertips. From stationary to coffee cups, from files to storage space, make sure all your needs are met!

  • Choose good office furniture.

As you will be spending a great amount of time in your home office, another important aspect of your working space at home is that you need to ensure that your office furniture is satisfactory. Choose office chairs and furniture that provides comfort, form, and support to your body while you work. Office furniture is an important basic framework for creating an efficient home office set up.

  • Get creative with your décor with different home office setup ideas

You now can decide exactly how your working space at home looks! Think about what colour themes, textures, and designs you want to work with to create your perfect working space at home. Look at different themes online or on social media to add to your inspiration. The possibilities are endless when you are the master of your home office.

  • Take control of your home environment.

Working from home can be a challenge when you have a family unit residing with you. It is crucial to set up boundaries and limitations that all family members can adhere to. Create a few ground rules that all agree to and understand. You could even create a few signs to hang outside your door which would indicate if you can be interrupted to or not. Try and remove yourself from your home activity and make that shift in your mind too.

What is the best home office layout?

The best layout for a home office would be in a separate room within your household. If you do not have the luxury of an extra room then make sure you have enough space to work comfortably in your defined area. Your office furniture should be placed according to your working requirements and to ensure your maximal comfort, correct ergonomics, and good posture. It is best to work with a floor plan beforehand to achieve these goals. Ensure that you also have access and space for shelving and storage.

Light and fresh air will make a big difference in your working day and you can enhance natural light by using mirrors or light colour walls and artwork. If you will be meeting with colleagues or clients in your home office, you will need extra seating and furniture to accommodate them. Make sure your office furniture is of good quality and suits your needs. AngelShack will take care of your home office furniture needs with their wide range of solutions.

Contact AngelShack today for guidance and advice when choosing your desk systems, tables, seating, storage units, desk accessories, and customized units for every kind of work pace. Create your perfect home office setup with our passionate team and quality designs.