Designing A Home Office That Works

Working from home can be exciting. It offers comfort, flexibility, and efficiency. However, if your office is not adequately designed, it can hamper productivity. The office does not only have to be designed to suit the work that needs to be done, It also needs to be comfortable and welcoming.

A home office setup that is too casual or not effectively separated from your home environment leads to distractions. Every office has a reasonable portion of problems and distractions.  Designing a  home office that maximises your productivity, and that has comfortable, and welcoming qualities can be tricky.

How to design a home office for productivity?

Choose the location

You are likely to spend a lot of time in your home office; you must have enough space. Do not push your desk against the wall in a place that does not have adequate lighting to preserve spare a room that you hardly use. Ensure that the location you choose has minimal traffic to avoid distractions if you have clients visiting you from your home office; you must have ample sitting spaces.

Invest in office furniture

Sitting down puts a lot of stress on your body. A supportive chair that ensures good posture and that aligns the spine can lead to heightened comfort. A comfortable chair leads to overall comfort and improved concentration for long hours of seated work.

A suitable office desk is also essential. You do not want to spend a lot of time adjusting and stretching to get focused; it is also essential to have a correctly fitted table.

When shopping for office furniture, it is crucial to consider the following ergonomics;

  • You need to be 60 to 90 centimetres away from your computer.
  • A chair that can recline is right for your posture and reduces the pressure on your spine.
  • Your feet should be rested on the ground when sitting down.

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You do not want to spend a lot of time trying to locate necessary files. Good office storage will enable you to save time and ensure that valuable data is preserved.  Choose storage systems, such as shelving and compact office storage accessories that are functional.

Lighting matters  

Allowing some natural light to your home office can decrease fatigue and headaches while increasing productivity. Studies have shown that both natural and artificial lighting can boost morale and energy and reduce stress.

Choose your colour

Some colours are known to have a calming effect on your mood. You need to choose a colour that will get you inspired. The psychology of colour is a fascinating topic – the colour of your office can determine how you feel when you are working in it.

The following are the common psychological effects of colours:

  • Red: red is associated with passion, energy and excitement. The colour brings in a boundless radiance in a space, it can be overwhelming when not used right. Choose red accessories or have a red feature wall. It is a colour for the bold and fearless!
  • Blue: the colour blue brings to mind the feeling of serenity. It is often described as peaceful, stable and reliable. In the office, the colour is known to stimulate the mind, which can lead to productivity.
  • Green: “the colour of money” is all about a feeling of calmness. The colour can work well for you especially if you are in the financial industry.
  • Yellow: If you are in the creative industry this is the colour for you. Yellow stimulates emotion, evokes a spirit of happiness and creativity.

Find your power tools.

It is crucial when working from home to replicate your work environment. This creates a feeling of comfort and can be useful in ensuring that you are not distracted.  You must have all the tools that you usually use when working from the office. Do you typically print documents? You might need to invest in a printer.

How much space do I need in my home office?

Home offices can be fitted in both big and small spaces. Find furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes and use minimal decorations. Choose desks that have storage compartments. Or you can use a space-saving desk. A Foldable or floating desk;  will not take a lot of floor space.

To avoid distractions, find a room with minimal traffic or a quiet area in your home that you can convert into an office – this can be an empty corner where you can fit a desk or an open closet. Again, it is essential to separate the space from where you lounge.

Make sure that your space is organised; clutter can make a small room feel smaller. Look for functional storage solutions to make your office spacious and organised.  When designing a home office, you just need to make the most of what you already have.

Working from home is an exciting opportunity, it offers comfort and efficiency. If you are designing your home office and are unsure what will work for you, click AngelShack  to shop our wide range of desk and office workstation furniture options that can be customised to create the office space you’re looking for. Alternatively, contact our helpful sales team, who can assist with expert advice.