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The working from home revolution – 5 easy steps to a productive home office setup

The working from home concept – not novel, no, but we’re going to stick with its revolutionary status for now.

Hear us out.

Yes, working from home has been a concept that’s been mulled upon and even tried and adopted for a number of years – at least within the last five. And it’s because many of the more progressive among us have seen its potential, where brick and mortar office spaces and the rents and agreements and commitments that go along can be largely cast aside. Its title of ‘revolution’ though, stems now from the fact that it’s been thrust into the lives of those not considering its potential.

In the wake of a world-changing pandemic, whether we’ve liked it or not, we’re all now part of the revolution. A revolution that looks set to stay because as we’ve now seen, our hyperconnected world makes it a concept infinitely viable.

But like with settling into any global revolution, we’re all largely still cutting our teeth. We’re still mostly figuring out what works best for us when it comes to building a personal space in which to best lock into the mega-productive space we all find at the office.

At AngelShack, we specialise in this very notion, and the nuances and intricacies therein, that will guarantee both comfort and inspiration as you work in your own bubble.

Let’s look at a few pointers – you’ll be up and running in your own home office setup in no time.

1. Carve out your working space

So this one’s a no-brainer.

But the main thing to keep in mind is to allow yourself the privacy you require in order to get things done.

Essentially, you’re going to be conducting business and work in a place usually far removed from it. And, even more important to consider, this is a place where other people exist. Your first directive is to find a space that you can claim as your ‘busy real estate.’ This must also be communicated to those with whom you co-exist so that when you’re in it, protocol is in place where communication with you is pared down to the only very vital.

Prevention is better than cure, so prevent distractions from the get-go and establish your working space.

2. Think about what you need?

Are you a designer? You may need a printer. Are you an architect? You’ll need space for your architect’s table. Code jockey? You’ll need another screen.

This is what we mean by your ‘need’. It’s the various items of space-consuming hardware – consider everything, because you’ll need to allow for the space required to accommodate said items and allow for a seamless transition to remote working.

3. Declutter

Thinking about converting the spare room? Want to make the TV room your new office space? What

about the scullery off of the kitchen?

You know your home and its quiet spots, so we’re certain these are all stellar home office choices.

The trick though in making sure the space you choose is ready is to make sure you rid these areas of the relics of the past. Essentially, declutter the space entirely before you even move in a desk, or a PC, or a chair. Cleanse your proposed workspace, reset it entirely, and then you can start to build your home office setup from there.

4. Illuminate

A gloomy space makes for gloomy thoughts.

Make sure your space – wherever that may be in your home – is sufficiently equipped with illumination of the natural kind. So whether that means you set up in the den with the big bay windows, or out on the verandah under the awning, always make sure the light there is enough to chase away the shadows – both from the room and your mind.
You’ll see, the difference is night and day.

5. It’s all about comfort (for your health), so get the right office furniture

This is the last point in our home office setup tip list, but we’re here to confirm it’s the most important.


Well because the kitchen countertop is no substitute for a professional office desk. The old bar stools you’re storing in the shed will never give you the lumbar support you need, for an eight-hour session in front of your laptop. This point, then, is one that speaks to not only comfort for the establishment of working from home productivity but one of personal health.

We’re a largely digital working world. We stare at screens all day and we sit for the majority of that too. It stands to reason then, as you embark on a home office setup that will ensure you’re able to do what it is you do best, that you do it with your extreme comfort – and thus your physical health – in mind.

And that simply means that you must choose a desk that promotes optimum screen height for neck and back health, and an office chair that will give you the lumbar help required for a comfortable working day.

At AngelShack, we have a suite of working from home options with which to furnish a home office set up that promotes productivity on par with, or superior to, that which comes with a professional office environment.

Click here to find out more about our work from home equipment options, or for more advice on how to best establish a productive home office setup.



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