Choosing Multipurpose Office Furniture? What You Need To Know

Back in the day, offices seemed like pretty clinical places. Places to which people commuted, put in hours in somewhat uninspired surroundings, until the clock struck five, bringing about the commute home. Just to do it all again the next day. At least that’s what we presume anyway. But for the time, that kind of office aesthetic was the logical way, considering the state of business, and how the infrastructure of global commerce was put together.

That’s obviously drastically changed. Now, we’re more connected than ever, and because of that, the way we work has shifted toward a paradigm of high collaboration, dynamism in the workplace, and more comfort for enhanced productivity.

If you’re wondering how to bring your business into this new global working zeitgeist, here are a few pointers you can try. Because the business that isn’t embracing the office way of comfort, collaboration, and flexibility, is one that could be left behind in its chosen market.

So, let’s look at a few features of the modern workspace design, specifically multipurpose office furniture, and then what to consider when crafting your office space.

Multi-functional office furniture

In the modern office space, adaptability is key. Employees respond to the flexibility that comes with multi-functional office furniture and the workspace customisability it lends.

Here are a few examples of multi-functional office furniture:

Collaborative desks and workstations

In the modern office, employees respond best to flexibility. Collaborative furniture allows them the choice to work where and how they want, according to the task. From pods and couches for one-on-ones to meeting point stations for group brainstorms, and even private booths for solo work, these are the options of multipurpose office furniture that enable choice in a working day.

High comfort

The next important feature to consider when choosing multipurpose office furniture, is ergonomics. The way of the working world now means that your people will be sitting for extended periods, staring at screens and possibly moving much less. Because the human body is not built to be seated in one place for too long,

if they’re not moving, you’ll have to rely on the technology now available in seating and desk options. From sit-stand desks, to chairs that promote posture care and lumbar support, always go the ergonomic route. Employees that are comfortable are more productive. But more importantly, these options in multipurpose office furniture promote better health for your people.

Multipurpose office furniture – what to consider?

So, you now know a little more around some of the options in multipurpose office furniture. Before you start shopping around, though, consider these last points:

Shop for comfort first, aesthetic last

The modern office design is about always enabling your people to do their best work, in a tradition of flexibility that empowers them to be as creative as possible. So, sure, the office needs to look great and inspired, but that means nothing if your employees are uncomfortable, and their health is jeopardised. So, when seeking multipurpose office furniture for your cool, collaborative office, comfort must be considered first and foremost.

Make the investment

Be careful when considering discounted multipurpose office furniture. Discounts can mean outdated quality and obsolete warranties. You’ll want to make the initial investment in the multipurpose office furniture you choose. This will ultimately save you costs on possible chair repairs in the future, and, of course, prevent health problems for your people.

There’s no need to bust the bank, though. At AngelShack, we have everything you may need in cool and simple workstations for your modern, flexible, collaborative office, and all of them environmentally smart.

So, contact us now – we’re ready to help you give your people a better world in which to work.