The Best Multipurpose Chairs For Compact Spaces

The modern office is a place that promotes versatility. There’s a specific dynamism to it now because employees want to work how and where they want, so there’s sitting, standing, leaning, and rolling, in any given section of a workspace. It’s a way of working that’s turned modern businesses into hives that buzz with collaboration and teamwork, promoting better work through heightened productivity and unfettered creativity.

And it’s the multipurpose office chair that can enable this kind of flexibility and creativity.

So, when you’re crafting your space to embrace the modern office directive, what should you look for in a multipurpose office chair? Here are some pointers to consider:

Multipurpose Office Chairs

So yes, the modern office is a dynamic, shifting space. And in order for it to be one that functions smoothly, the furniture existing in the space must be just as flexible.

That’s where the multipurpose office chair comes in.

And, when seeking these must-have tools for your people, here’s what to look out for:


The human body isn’t meant to be seated for too long. But if it’s a necessity, then technology in lumbar support and spine health is a must to look out for.

Consider the ARC office chair – a smart, task-oriented performer with high-design and all the ergonomic bells and whistles for complete comfort in a long working day.


As we mentioned, there’s usually much movement in the modern, flexible office. It stands to reason, then, that office chairs will be working just as hard in the day, as your people. Your multipurpose office chairs, then, must have a durability that will allow for extended sitting, leaning, and rolling, as your employees do what it is they do best.

Try the YUTU office chair – this one is an intelligently-designed collaborative chair that encourages movement, all body types, and postures, and it’s perfect for both long and short sitting periods.


The KIS office desk is a rugged benching system with a rock-solid 60x30mm frame and features laser-cut joints for a really solid and precise fit. The lift-top section on the desk provides easy access to cable trays. Multiple accessories and storage options make offer versatility and functionality.

In your cool, collaborative, modern office, we’re sure you’ve crafted specific spaces for specific tasks. What we mean is that you most likely have areas for group work, areas for brainstorms, areas for chilling, and spaces for solo work. The multipurpose chairs you choose must be deftly sourced to suit each of these areas. Simply they must have a versatility to them that means they can be used for equal comfort in long meetings, as they can in quick, fiery brainstorms.

Each and every chair by AngelShack will give you that kind of versatility. Click here to browse our full suite.

And an example of the extreme versatility we offer can be seen in this little gem – the CHARLY office chair.

Is it a chair? A desk? A locker? It’s all of these and infinitely comfortable, to boot.

At AngelShack, we understand your need for all of the above factors in your multipurpose office chair needs. We understand the need for flexibility too, because we’re just as dynamic. That’s why we’re changing the game when it comes to giving you innovative office furniture that promotes comfort but also enhances your business’s fully collaborative air.

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