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Connecting people to people.


Bring your office interior to life with our planter boxes.


Partitioning that effortlessly separates areas in your workspace.


The simple snap together system gives you the freedom to work where and how you want. lgloo is the ingenious alternative workspace solution that can be configured by you to suit your unique requirements.


The NEST is an informal meeting area designed for brief face to face discussions. The NEST is equipped with data points and charging stations tor your power hungry smart devices. The NEST is very conducive to informal but productive interactions.


The Speakeasy Booth offers total privacy for those important phone calIs in the office. Now you don’t have to walk around the office to find a quiet space to take your call.


Great ideas aren’t created in boardrooms, spontaneous interactions are where the great ideas are generated. Our informal multi-shaped ROCKS Ottoman seating brings casual seating to the office environment.


Creates informal spaces in a variety of configurations.


Stylish extra seating in collaborative areas.


The BUDDY comes in any color you can think of, with the option of a flat or round base… just for those moments when you need to inspire some thinking.


The fully enclosed Focus Booth offers individuals solitude in a busy work environment. Perfect for those private conversations and one-on-one meetings. Acoustic foam ensures that the booth is insulated and private. The booth has electronically controlled ventilation and lighting. Air-con is optional.


TEEPEE is a mobile partition that helps organise your workspace. They can be moved around to create privacy in open plan areas, as well as creating collaborative spaces for group work.


The stand or sit solution. Staff need space where they can meet their colleagues and chat about new ideas. Our informal perches bring casual seating to the office environment.


Its great teaming and working together. But sometimes you need some space to yourself – or just you and a colleague. HIVE has what you need; a large comfy seat, multi-adjustable table, reading lamp, power outlets and lockable storage.


Today’s working world is decidedly unpredictable. And by that, we don’t mean in terms of general marketplace response, or in the intricacies of business-as-usual day-to-day. We mean fundamentally. As the scourge of the Coronavirus pandemic still permeates, what is it to be on a daily basis? Will we be back at the office at some point? Is the remote working directive now the new normal – here to stay?

For now, the latter seems to be so. And what we’ve now seen is that, in the wake of a lockdown and a largely forced remote-working situation, it is indeed possible to remain a functioning organisation, even as your workforce is spread city and countrywide.

But in this now unpredictable working world, it remains our task as denizens therein, to make the most of the situation. That means converting our private spaces into havens of productivity. And even though we’re away from the office mostly, for the foreseeable future, office-dwelling will not go away entirely, and we must use the limited working spaces in which we’re now allowed to exist to maximum comfort and practicality.

That’s why at AngelShack, we’ve introduced our Game Changer range. In the shadow of a life-changing pandemic, we’re pushing the boundaries in bringing you office furniture solutions that help you adapt to a pared-down, space-conscious, working world.

What is 3rd Base office furniture?

Introducing, 3rd Base office furniture. The new way in modern minimalism for the office, where convenience, comfort, and beauty reign, so that even though we’re all still adapting to the ‘new normal’ in terms of office design and office furniture, we can nevertheless do so in seamlessness and style.

Here are just some of the modern, groundbreaking 3rd Base office furniture options available to you, as you equip your office for a rotating staff contingent, explore the shared office option, or even if you’re simply looking to furnish your home office with elements reminiscent of a productive brick and mortar space.

Igloo work space

The Igloo is a snap-together system perfect for a temporary or shared space. Resplendent in modern beauty, the Igloo design can be configured to your specific requirements. Find out more about the Igloo

Nest modern work area

The Nest is a quick-setup informal meeting area, perfect for those quick face-to-face meets. And apart from beauty in modern aesthetic, this one has the modern amenities built-in, too, like charging stations and data points. Find out more about the Nest

Speakeasy private work booth

Need a readily available space for private calls. Harking the design of phone booths of old, this one is easy to set up and infinitely convenient. Find out more about the Speakeasy

Rocks – Office Ottman

Boardrooms are often hinderers of good ideas. More often than not, spontaneity breeds productivity. And what better way to prompt spontaneity than with an informal space flourished with cool furniture? More specifically, 3rd Base office furniture like Rocks. Find out more about Rocks

Buddy- Office Ottman

This is a simple yet modern piece of 3rd Base office furniture, perfect for when you need to inspire quick thinking in comfort. Find out more about the Buddy

Focus Work Booth

The fully enclosed Focus Booth offers privacy in a busy work environment. Perfect for those one-on-one meetings. The acoustic foam makes sure that the booth is insulated and exists as an entirely removed space. The booth has electronically controlled ventilation and lighting. Air-con is available but is an optional extra. Find out more about the Focus Booth

TeePee office partition

The modern workspace is one that’s agile, adaptable and easily designable for the promotion of productivity. 3rd Base office furniture elements like the TeePee, are movable partitions that allow you to create your space daily. Find out more about the TeePee

Perch office stool

Entirely informal, yet practical, the Perch is a piece of 3rd Base office furniture design perfect for those off-the-cuff brainstorms and conversations. Find out more about the Perch

Hive – Collaborative office furniture

Collaboration is key in the new working normal, but sometimes you need your own space to get things done. 3rd Base office furniture element, the Hive, is a convenient temporary space just for you. Equipped with a comfortable seat, adjustable table, reading lamp, power outlets and even lockable storage, this is 3rd Base office furniture that exists as an example of the convenience and beauty of what a workspace can be. Find out more about the Hive

In the new working normal, 3rd Base office furniture is the new working solution. AngelShack has a suite of products designed to equip and beautify your working space – wherever it may be.

Click here to find out more about our suite of 3rd Base office furniture for sale.


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