The Agile Office

The Agile Office

Agile Office Solutions

AngelShack’s range of agile office solutions is designed to provide a variety of flexible workspaces, enabling you to create collaborative spaces that are unique to your needs. With a range of seating, tables, and screens, you are therefore able to create team spaces that support your collaborative workspace.

The Mobile Agile Table

The mobile Agile table can be easily rolled into various configurations. The perfect solution for teaching and teaming. Simply shift it into a position to maximise the workspace. This stylish table is available with castors so you can easily move it around as needed.


Learning today isn’t about sitting in rows listening to the teacher. Today’s students move around, interact with each other, discuss stuff and use technology to maximise their learning. With Charly, educational furniture is finally catching up. Charly enables you to teach the way you want. You know, 21st century-style.

Charly is perfect for multi-modal learning. It has a customisable, swing-over work surface (for laptops) with high mobility which supports continually switching groups and teaching modes. Built-in storage under the seat keeps personal gear near. Is it a chair? A desk? A locker? Yes, and more!

The Mobility Screen

AngelShack’s Mobility screen is exactly that – MOBILE! Perfect for collaborative spaces as a flexible teaming and teaching solution. The screen is double-sided, thereby featuring one side as a whiteboard, the other an upholstered pinboard. This provides an acoustic barrier that absorbs ambient sound.

Rocks – Informal Ottoman Seating

These informal multi-shaped Rocks ottoman seating brings casual seating to the office environment. Rocks come in different heights and colours. It will therefore complement a host of brand styles. Create customised collaborative spaces for team meetings and creative innovation.

AngelShack: Global Design And Innovation

AngelShack: Global Design And Innovation

“AngelShack is the South African company that not only made office furniture cool but also placed the country firmly on the global design and innovation map, winning a number of top international awards along the way” – Décor&Design.

When the first company started operations in South Africa, the market had little or no innovation or locally made products. AngelShack was determined to change the game, generate jobs and create a high-quality, sustainable product that could compete universally with the best of them and make the office environment both fun and functional.

So began a collaboration with leading German designer Stefan Brodbeck and a world-class team to manufacture products in a state-of-the-art factory right here in South Africa. The result was smart, contemporary office furniture and inspiring and practical design that is both affordable and practical.

Awards soon followed – from the Accenture Innovation Index Award to the prestigious Chicago Athenaeum Award for Good Design and the German Design Award.

AngelShack recognises the importance of research and development by investing a substantial amount into its products on an annual basis. Its mission is to make work easier, more pleasant, and more creative without being complex or costing a fortune, thereby creating furniture with high-performance fabrics, antibacterial coatings, and much more. These are products that meet the needs of every office worker.

AngelShack’s aim is to make visiting their showroom an enjoyable occasion, a place where people want to be and where the experience of buying and choosing furniture is a happy one.

The company’s mission is simple – to be the number one choice for thinking people who want to work in a better world. And who doesn’t want that?


Slide – The Perfect Home Desk Solution

Many of us have experienced the reality of a home office in 2020. This shift in the way we do our jobs has called for innovative new ways of working. And we’re so excited about the possibilities.

When it comes to a home office, functionality, storage, and a productive space are essentials. We’re all looking for that perfect solution to maximise our space and get the job done.

SLIDE – A desk with storage that suits your home. The perfect home desk solution!

Looking for a desk for your home office? Something that looks great, is compact and functional? We have the solution for you!

The SLIDE desk takes up minimal space in your home. The desktop wheels out and locks into position creating a spacious work area. And then wheels back over to save space. It is compact and functional. And it looks great too!

When not in use, simply shift the top back into position, and voila… a striking storage unit that doubles as a work surface. Such innovation certainly goes a long way!

Make your back happy!

Make your back happy

We are so proud to announce that our POP, FILO and ALLY chairs have been endorsed by The Chiropractic Association of South Africa!

Meet our new POP chair. It will make your back (and your wallet) feel great.
We began by asking ourselves a simple question: How can we make the perfect office chair?
Why is it that comfortable office chairs are so ugly, and beautiful office chairs so uncomfortable (and expensive)? Come on, it’s the 21st Century. So we set out to do better. To make a beautiful looking task-oriented chair that provides total support through a long day at the office. At a fair and affordable price.

Smooth Operator chair that makes a long day feel shorter.
Ally incorporates all the ergonomic features you expect to see in a high-performance task chair. Subtly. Multiway adjustment to ensure a perfect ergonomic fit. Your choice of a mesh or upholstered back. Plus our synchro mechanism ensures that the seat and back move as one.
Ally is a versatile operator tasking chair that’s designed to blend into every office aesthetic. Perfect for people who appreciate performance with subtlety.

Filo is the office chair that wears its credentials on the outside. Contemporary urban design with a tech look and feel. Adjust the seat height, angle, depth, backrest tension and more. Sink into the memory foam padding. Flick the synchro setting that moves seat and back together. And smile. Because you’re set.

Internationally designed, locally produced, proudly South African.
Contact us for the perfect ergonomic WFH or office chair!

Tips To Help You Sit Ergonomically

Tips To Help You Sit Ergonomically

Sitting in a static position all day places a large amount of pressure on the intervertebral discs (IVDs) and limits the amount of liquid exchange taking place which feeds the IVDs and brain with nutrients. Therefore, it is suggested that you change postures every 30 minutes to promote a dynamic activation which allows for the liquid exchange to take place. There also needs to be an increase in standing / walking in the workplace. Standing increases blood flow, reduces the static load, refreshes, and re-energises, and offers many biomechanical benefits.

Here are 6 tips to help you sit more ergonomically:

  1. The more adjustable the chair the better! Everyone is different which means we each need to adjust the chair to our own specifications. The chair should support and mimic your unique spinal movement and allow for a full range of healthy postures throughout the day.
  2. When seated at your desk and shoulders relaxed, your arms should be at a 90° angle to the desk, and seat height adjustment may be needed. For shorter users, this may result in your feet hanging. Both feet need to be flat on the floor or invest in a footrest. This evenly distributes the weight over the seat eliminating pressure on the thighs and knees. Thighs should also be parallel to the ground.
  3. When seated, your lower back needs to be against the backrest. Your seat depth needs to be adjusted so that there is about 3cm between the seat and the back of your knees. This evenly distributes weight and relieves pressure from the back of the legs. Furthermore, it enables contact with the backrest which supports the spine.
  4. It is encouraged to recline in your chair and has a back tension that feels natural (not forced or too easy). This encourages movement, postural change and helps reduce static pressure on the spine. Frequent movement is essential for good spinal health. When you recline, more of your body weight is supported by your chair rather than your spine.
  5. Having lumbar support promotes the natural S-shape of the spine. Lumbar support must be adjusted to fit in the curve of the back.
  6. The armrest height should be even with the work surface. This is a natural and appropriate level of support for the neck and shoulders.

Your chair is a large part of your workstation so make sure you set it up correctly and remember to adjust your screen to eye level height as well.

Help For Those Working From Home

Working from home requires furniture that not only meets ergonomic standards for your health but offers comfort and support to ensure you feel less fatigued, think clearly and are more productive.

AngelShack has a selection of WFH products to suit whatever your space-saving requirements may be, as well as a range of finishes to suit your home. Also, the Angels are available to assist you in selecting the right products and arranging swift deliveries.

Choose from innovative desk systems, seating, office tables, storage, accessories and more.



7Up is an all-in-one workstation which inspires your day at work, while others will be inspired by 7Up’s good looks. Elegant and understated, 7Up enables you to build a workstation that works for your style as well as the task you are needing to perform.

The sustainability of the aluminium structure is great for the environment. The recessed centre leg on the bench application is both space-efficient and a conduit for vertical cable management.

High capacity cable trays provide for horizontal cable management, with frontal screens that
attach to the substructure of the workstation.

Available with an aluminium or wooden leg and coloured to fit your design criteria. It’s left to your imagination.

GameChanger NOW

GameChanger NOW combines AngelShack’s lowest priced frame with NXT and KIS screens. It’s got your basics covered without being basic.

Each NOW desk is a lightweight 25 x 75cm steel frame with a simple but still stylish privacy screen. Unlike other members of the GameChanger family, the NOW screen does not support the use of accessories.

And that’s it. What you see is what you get: simple, solid, dependable and does what it says on the tin. Great for businesses who need to cut costs to the bone.

Height-adjustable desk

AngelShack’s height-adjustable desk is available in T-Leg or A-Leg frame options. The perfect sit and stand solution. This desk provides optimal flexibility and individual adjustment for activity-based work. The stroke allows personalised maximum settings in standing and sitting position.

8 Products For When Lockdown Is Lifted

8 Products For When Lockdown Is Lifted

We should all prepare for when lockdown Is lifted to be introduced to the new working world of social distancing – “Work Distancing”. New guidelines suggest employees maintain 1,5-meter distancing and are advised not to face each other when seated.

This may be challenging for certain organisations to accomplish, especially those with a large workforce or open-plan offices. This is where AngelShack steps in with some innovative products that may make this shift a bit easier. The aim of these products will be to allow organisations to space-out teams and create spaces whilst still remaining connected.

At Angelshack, the team takes great pride in being at the forefront of technology. Through the use of a UV treating system, they are able to provide organisations with anti-bacterial work surfaces that help to inhibit the spread of bacteria between surfaces and employees. Easy to clean and available in a variety of finishes, it is the perfect addition to any work environment.

In order to make ‘screening’ your employees a bit easier, consider the following additions to your workspace, now available from Angelshack. You can now make this ‘new normal’ a more comfortable transition for your employees.

The workplace matters, and we believe we will find our way after COVID-19. But for now, let’s be open to change and health and safety. Building a sense of community, reinforcing your organisation’s culture, and strengthening relationships with colleagues is still what the workplace is all about. The workplace should remain a safe space and companies such as Angelshack are doing all they can to assist with that.

Sneeze Screens


AngelShack has developed perspex screens to assist in creating work distancing and safety in the office. Their range includes 5 different screens – and will help workers feel more secure.

With COVID – 19 we need to prevent the spread of any contagious germs within the office and protect workers, giving them a sense of comfort to get back to work. Called the Sneeze Screen, AngelShack has developed a range of 5 different types of screens; all of which can be sanitized regularly.

These five screens include:

  • Frontal screens for those that don’t have screens currently
  • Screens for people who need on the sides of them – separating themselves from co-workers
  • Screens which can be easily attached on to your current screens with no nuts and bolts preventing you from having to buy new screens. These ridged slip over screens simply go over your current screens.
  • Screens for eating areas or canteen areas – free standing on the table
  • Reception screens providing protection for your reception area

Helping you make the most of a difficult situation, AngelShack’s innovative new products are sure to assist in creating a secure working environment.


Thanks to having an uncle in the furniture business

AngelShack MD - David Fish

David Fish, MD of office furniture company AngelShack

Tell me about your work as AngelShack MD.

I lead a team of energetic and ambitious individuals who collaborate with European designers to create the best locally manufactured office furniture products.

I have to stay one step ahead so am constantly engaging with people building new relationships in the corporate, institutional, education, private and project markets.

How did you end up doing the work you do today?

I started in the office furniture business a decade ago after completing my studies. I am fortunate that my family has been in the business for more than 40 years, and this has given me an understanding about the industry and the pillars it’s built on. In addition, I’ve experienced all aspects of the business and understand what the areas of focus and the needs of each team are.

I started at entry level as a site assistant where I worked on a variety of tasks from unwrapping furniture items to placing furniture components for the installation team, to ensuring the site was neat, all while reporting to the relevant management teams. This hands on experience was the best foundation for the work I do and where I am today.

There can be no better way to start in any industry than learning how products are manufactured from start to finish, as well as building key relations with clients, team members and suppliers. This enabled me to grow into a sales and management position with a strong technical product knowledge and understanding of the local market.

What are the trends in office design and office furniture, and how does SA compare with other countries?

Like the workforce, our workplace is expected to be flexible, productive, well connected and mindful of employees’ health and wellness. So trends being showcased globally and adapted here at home are providing solutions to these needs. Key design trends include tackling noise and lack of privacy in the workspace. AngelShack has developed a focus booth that is a fully enclosed capsule that offers solitude when making confidential phone calls and one on one meetings.

Sustainable interior design is becoming more important for clients, and companies are being more mindful and creative about how they produce their products. We have the largest 3D printer in Southern Africa and can create and redevelop prototypes before a product even hits the production line.

Are we stuck with the open plan office?

We are continuing to see a cultural shift from the traditional hierarchical office set ups in favour of a more egalitarian atmosphere. I love working in an open plan office and feeling connected with the team, and one of the key selling points of open plan offices is that they foster collaboration, communication and sharing to a far greater degree than if individuals were confined to their own cubicle or office.

Open plan is a key design component of offices worldwide, and while the positives are undisputed, there are certain factors, such as noise, that make working out in the open somewhat challenging. Therefore, the onus is on employers to find tools and solutions to any problems that may arise from working in these spaces.