Impact through innovation

AngelShack is a trailblazing South African company that has revolutionised the world of office furniture, earning global recognition through top international awards. Our mission is to transform the office environment into a vibrant and functional space while generating employment opportunities and delivering high-quality, sustainable products.

We are committed to sustainability and aim to be a leader in environmentally responsible practices.

AngelShack are on a quest to help other companies achieve their own climate goals through our carbon conscious seating ranges.

AngelShack’s carbon conscious range offer the same product, but with the added benefit of having its carbon footprint offset for our clients who want a more environmentally friendly option.

A platform for climate leadership

Climate change is a global and national priority that is shaping our regulatory and competitive environment. Large companies are expected to set reduction (and net-zero) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions targets and must take action to reduce and offset Scope 3 emissions in their supply chains.

As a supplier to some of South Africa’s leading brands, AngelShack is committed to playing a leadership role by enabling supply chain GHG measurement, reduction and offsetting opportunities for our customers.

Here’s how we did it:

Avoiding, reducing and offsetting GHG emissions in product life cycles.

Every AngelShack carbon conscious chair includes the purchase of gold standard or verified carbon standard offsets that support projects that slow the effects of climate change. Projects currently supported by AngelShack include renewable energy, forest restoration, cookstove initiatives.

Carbon Concious Seating