8 Products For When Lockdown Is Lifted

8 Products For When Lockdown Is Lifted

We should all prepare for when lockdown Is lifted to be introduced to the new working world of social distancing – “Work Distancing”. New guidelines suggest employees maintain 1,5-meter distancing and are advised not to face each other when seated.

This may be challenging for certain organisations to accomplish, especially those with a large workforce or open-plan offices. This is where AngelShack steps in with some innovative products that may make this shift a bit easier. The aim of these products will be to allow organisations to space-out teams and create spaces whilst still remaining connected.

At Angelshack, the team takes great pride in being at the forefront of technology. Through the use of a UV treating system, they are able to provide organisations with anti-bacterial work surfaces that help to inhibit the spread of bacteria between surfaces and employees. Easy to clean and available in a variety of finishes, it is the perfect addition to any work environment.

In order to make ‘screening’ your employees a bit easier, consider the following additions to your workspace, now available from Angelshack. You can now make this ‘new normal’ a more comfortable transition for your employees.

The workplace matters, and we believe we will find our way after COVID-19. But for now, let’s be open to change and health and safety. Building a sense of community, reinforcing your organisation’s culture, and strengthening relationships with colleagues is still what the workplace is all about. The workplace should remain a safe space and companies such as Angelshack are doing all they can to assist with that.