The sit or stand solution.

Great ideas aren’t created in boardrooms. Spontaneous interactions are where great ideas are generated.

Staff need space where they can meet their colleagues and chat about new ideas. Our informal perches bring casual seating to the office environment.

German quality and style
We asked award-winning German designer Stefan Brodbeck to create office chairs that would throw out the office-chair rulebook. Youthful, happy and no-compromises comfortable. He got it.

Proudly made in South Africa
Then we asked our team in South Africa – product development, manufacturing, marketing, logistics, quality control and many others – to build our chairs to the highest global standards. They do.

The result is a GameChanger: PERCH
lnspiring systems for creating, writing, meeting, dreaming and working. All of them environmentally smart. All of them proudly conceived and manufactured in South Africa. Our ambition is to be the number one choice tor thinking people who want to work in a better World. Please join us.

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